Monday, May 12, 2008

Violators Show Precision in latest Blowout!

As the beautiful Spring begins to pick away at our vast roster and send everyone on vacation, the Violator’s make the best of what’s around. That’s right, the Violator’s took the field with only four girls on Friday night, causing an automatic out every time a fifth girl is called for, thus putting us at a slight handicap. However, it really didn’t affect us, as we had a record setting 12 run first inning rally that sealed it for the rest of the game. Amongst those runs was a homerun for Brian Lefholz, on a misplay in the outfield. We also showcased our fine oiled machine of an infield as Elsa Gomez recorded four unassisted outs at first base and Jeff Navarro achieved a one-man double play with a quick tag of a base runner and force out at second. As Team Harvest had a hard time throwing strikes (walking over a dozen Violators), we took advantage of their weakness and finished them off with a big score of 13-1.
The exciting game is yet to come as we take on the team who issued our only loss of the season, The Ball Busters. If we can overcome them with our quality play as we have been for last few weeks, then we will be tied for first place, another unprecedented achievement from the Page 13 Violators.
Please come out and cheer on your champion bound Violators this week at 7:20 Friday night!

-Coach Sandusky


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