Monday, May 5, 2008

The Unofficial History of Hacky Sack

The co-operative kicking sport of Hacky Sack has ancient origins from China, Thailand, Native America and nearly every country. Perhaps one of the most interesting hacky sack stories stems from Scotland during the dark ages. As the story goes, young shepherds would often kick stones to each other to pass the time while they tended their flocks.
On a related note, the game that we play in the parking stalls at lunch, “Handi-Hack” or “Hack Pong”, whichever you prefer, is sweeping the country as a new sport. I have included a few images taken from a recent tournament. There is even talk of including it in this year’s Olympic Games! Fox Television has also contacted us for the rights to create a new reality television show based upon the game called “So You Think You Can Hack?” Anyone is welcome to join us at lunch in the parking lot if you are interested in playing.

-Tye Brown


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