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Monday, June 30, 2008

Architects Seperated at Birth

Frank Gehry and Gonzo the Great

Daniel Libeskind and that guy from There's Something About Mary

Jean Nouvel and Dr. Evil
-Brian L.

Suburbs a Mile To Far for Some

The Wall Street Journal (6/17, A18, Karp) reports that demands fueled by at least two generations and economic trends such as high gasoline prices are changing "a half-century-long pattern of how and where Americans live," and increasingly, they want to live in urban areas. The trend means that "the driveable surbub -- that bedrock of post-World War II society -- is for many a mile too far." The generational demands are coming from baby boomers and millennials, those "born between the late 1970s and mid-1990s," who "are leaving their nests and finding that higher-density urban living fits their lifestyle." Additionally, "the subprime mortgage crisis and $4-a-gallon gasoline are delivering further gut punches by blighting remote subdivisions nationwide and rendering long commutes untenable for middle-class Americans." One expert said the drive for urban living may be the "beginning of the end of sprawl," and a push for New Urbanism practices in building. The Journal notes that "[t]ransportation is the second-biggest household expense" for Americans. If urban living does come to dominate demand, Americans could mimic "European preference for public transportation."

for complete article click here

In related coverage, CNN (6/16, Farrar) reported that the deterioration of distant suburbs is under way, with "a not-so-pleasant path of empty houses, unkempt lawns, vacant strip malls, graffiti-sprayed desolate sidewalks, and even increased crime." One suburban resident, Shawn Yandell, of Elk Grove, Calif., is among those "trying to stick it out," although "the white picket fence of an American dream has faded into a seemingly hopeless suburban nightmare." Yandell told CNN, "The forecast is gloomy." In contrast, the evolution of downtown "can be witnessed in places like" Atlanta, Detroit, and Dallas, "where once rundown downtowns are being revitalized by well-educated, young professionals who have no desire to live in a detached single family home...centered around long commutes and cars." One expert, Christopher Leinberger, an "urban planning professor at the University of Michigan and a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution," estimated that "35 percent of the nation's wealth...has been invested in constructing this drivable suburban landscape." Yet, by 2025, as walkable urban communities emerge, "half of the real-estate development...will not have existed in 2000," another expert predicted.

for complete article click here


Weekly workplace humor #7

Rule #7. Creative sighing for effect

Sigh loudly when there are many people around, giving the impression that you are under extreme pressure.


Citrus Heights Community Center Groundbreaking

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the first groundbreaking I have attended; that might explain the hot pink t-shirt and jeans I was sporting the day of. Not quite the BBQ attire I had expected. But, what a beautiful day for a groundbreaking! The attendees were (from left to right) lil’ ole me, Naaz, Terry, Trish, Stu, Erik O., Jim and Greg. It was really a marvelous occasion and I think I speak for all of us when I say it warmed the heart to observe the many city members bustling with anticipation and excitement as they stood on the footprint where their new Community Center would reside. Amongst the many accolades going around the Williams + Paddon team was paid a great compliment when City Manager Henry Tingle said that we were “easy” to work with and that our methods were “fast & efficient”… and that of course, our design was FABULOUS!

Great job team!


Music in the Park

Roseville Music in the Park Concert Series

One of the things I love best about working at Williams + Paddon is the commitment from the firm to sponsor and support community activities. A great example is the 2008 Music in the Park Concert Series put on by the Performing Arts of Roseville.

Be sure to check out the upcoming concert series at Royer Park. Some great artists and all for free. Brian L. and his wife were also out there with us for the June 22 concert featuring Kate Gaffney and Scott Rodell. Lots of room for picnics and lawn chairs, all under some great shade trees. Bring your own picnic or buy hotdogs and hamburgers from the Lions Club cooking on-site. A great way to spend an evening.

Next concerts:
Friday, July 4, Capitol Pops at noon
Sunday, July 27, 80z All Stars, 6 pm
Sunday, September 28, Mumbo Gumbo, 6 pm


4th of July 5k Run/Walk

Picture this...the sun is shining, the breezes are blowing, and the sky is blue and your surrounded by hundreds of your Roseville neighbors. Sooo...why not kick start your holiday weekend off with a nice jog or walk with the family through the city streets of Roseville. After the race stick around for the 4th of July Parade. It's a great family sponsored by the Roseville Community Crime Stoppers.

-Jodie and Brian L.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WP Bucks

Do you have pile of WP Bucks burning a hole in your pocket?
Introducing the Williams + Paddon Catalog. If you have an idea or suggestion for something that should be included in this catalog please let Nora know. The criteria is that it must be something that can be embroidered or engraved so we only have to purchase and produce one item at a time.

click here to visit the catalog.


Weekly workplace humor #6

Rule #6: Leave the office late.

Always leave the office late, especially when the boss is still around. You could always read magazines and story books that you always wanted to read but have not time until late before leaving. Make sure you walk past the boss’ office on your way out. Send important emails at unearthly hours (9:35p.m. or 6.05a.m.) and during public holidays.


We Can Do It Better_Posters

This series of posters we designed by our fabulous Marketing Crew to get everyone jazzed about the Retreat. I'd say they were a success.

More Architecture Humor...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Architecture Humor


Music in the park

Performing Arts of Roseville is proud to announce the 18th season of the Roseville Music in the Park concert series! With new opening acts and fresh energy, this summer's lineup promises to be one of our best ever. The 1st concert is on June 22nd with opening act Scott Rodell and headliner Kate Gaffney.
I don't know much about Kate but I do know Scott. He's an incredibly talented musician, he's a local fella, and his music just plain rocks!...definitely worth checking out. Hope to see you there!
-Brian L.

Page 13 Violators are humbled by Team Quality!

Friday evening was a lesson to us Violators to never take anything for granted, and that we can be just as fallible as we are triumphant. Sitting in first place at the end of the season, it is true that we had everything to lose and a last place team has everything to gain. We began the evening feeling assured of our first place rank and I admit I was looking forward to the playoffs before our season had come to a close. We took the field already slumped as a confirmed player was absent, granting us an automatic out at crucial moments. The lone highlight for the Violators was that we were able to gain a quick four run lead in the first inning that carried us through most of the game. However, our hot offense from this season was quickly cooled Friday night as we could not generate many more runs. Our lack offense and my/our defensive break down in the final inning left the door wide open for a wonderful come-from-behind win for Team Quality. I want to thank Team Quality for playing a terrific game and for reminding us that the tides may always turn on you. Now as we sit in second place, may we walk into the playoffs as eager and hungry as we’ve ever been. We may take this lesson only to benefit our character and to continue the best season in Violator history.
-Coach Sandusky

Weekly workplace humor #5

Rule # 5: Looking Impatient and Annoyed

Always look impatient and annoyed to give your bosses the impression that you are always busy.


Weekly workplace humor #5.1

Rule #5.1 - Passing the Blame.

The corollary to “never accept blame for failure…especially if you had something to do with it” is…”always be quick to take credit for success…especially if you had nothing to do with it”.


Deltek Convention – May 19-22

Joey, Cigi and Jodie attended the Deltek User Conference in Nashville, May 19-22. The Conference was focused on learning new ways to apply Deltek software technology to our business and make our operations more efficient. All of them attended a variety of classes, and Jodie was invited to participate on a panel for one of the sessions.

The conference was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center which use to be an amusement park. It’s now a domed hotel with over 3000 guest rooms and a huge conference center, all connected under several large domes that are truly an architectural and engineering marvel. Be sure to check it out next time your in Nashville.

While there was lots of great sessions and work to be done, there was also time to see the sights and take in the sounds of Nashville, know as Music City USA. The photos are of Joey and Jodie at the Wednesday night party in Downtown Nashville along the river overlooking LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans.

- Jodie

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tye Brown is a star!!!

Our very own Tyler Brown was quoted in the Sacramento Bee this week.

“At Williams + Paddon Architects in Roseville, 45 of 50 employees rode their bikes in May and combined to rack up 9,240 miles.
The company played a role in drumming up enthusiasm, including making a three minute video, “Blazing Saddles” (available at YouTube) and offering incentives from T-shirts to custom cycling jerseys for those who rode.
Tye Brown, a graphic designer at the firm, said the experience has lifted the mood around the office.
“It takes you back to your childhood,” he said, noting that the three of the six partners have purchased bikes in the past year.
“It has been a great thing for us and it has really become part of the culture of who we are.”
The firm provided space for employees to keep clothes, arranged companywide bike outings and created a car-sharing program for those who had to attend meetings away from the building.
The major emphasis was on well-being, not politics. “We are not trying to solve the world’s problems by riding a bike,” Brown said.

For the full story click here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekly workplace Humor #4

Rile #4: Voice Mail

Never answer your phone if you have voice mail. People don’t just call you just to give you something for nothing – they call because they want you to do work for them. That’s no way to live. Screen all of your calls through voicemail. If someone leaves a voicemail message for you and it sounds like impending work, respond during lunch hour when you know their not there – it looks like your hardworking and conscientious even though your being a devious weasel.


Bike Commute Month Facts

Commute Miles - 472,338
Errand miles - 50,164
Recreation miles - 695,729
Work Trip miles - 11,099

Total Miles - 1,229,330

Air Quality Impact
-We saved 483,641 pounds of global-warming CO2
-We saved 6,719 pounds of other air pollutants
-We saved 24,877 gallons of gas (worth $96,772)

The Bike Month 'Clubs'

700 mile club: Jack and Chris Jaggers
500 mile club: Brian L., Andrea, Nancy Paddon
400 mile club: Renee Green
300 mile club: Kim S., Terry, Robi, Robert, Eric, Jim, Paul, Tye
200 mile club: Mark
100 mile club: Will, Dorel, Shannon, Linda Green

Last year we had 12 people ride 100+ miles, this year had 23!!! Job well done.

SHARE: Visionary Ideas and Projects from the Membership of the AIA Central Valley

The AIA Central Valley asked it's members to submit work to display in their new gallery space. The exhibition celebrates visionary ideas and projects-ranging from built work, work imagined, images, models, words and /or compositions. As JTW said, "Don’t you think the premier design firm in the valley should have a few things in the new AIA office?" I we decided to submit the Avalon at Palm Springs project.

-Brian L. and Terry

Violators claim sole ownership of 1st Place!

With the Ball Busters bye this week and the Violator’s win of 13-3 last Friday, THE PAGE 13 VIOLATORS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!! The only nail biter about this game was whether or not I’d have to forfeit due to a lack of women on my team (only three confirmed for the game). As the final minutes ticked before the first pitch I was able to plead with two women, Sharon Strickland and Nicole Ferrera, from the previous game to stick around and play for us. I’m glad they did because they played great. The rest of the night was business as usual this season. The Violators shut down Vertigoz in dominating fashion and immediately got started by scoring 3 to 5 runs per inning. We had outstanding hitting from the return of our self-inflicted captain, James Engler, who actually hit to right field for first time in his Violator career. James caught everyone off guard and was able to squeeze a triple out of it with a little help from Vertigoz. Some of the standard highlights this season are the long hits from Matt Rudolph, (he does that to give himself some trotting room as he rehabs his leg back to health), the juggling infield plays from James Engler, the dainty curtsies from Amber as she makes her spectacular play in the field or a nice hit, and the Looney Tune like fashion in which we are able to score runs this season (Bugs would be proud). I want to thank all of my fellow Violators as I am having so much fun with our W-L record inverted from years past. Let’s take it all and continue the great sportsmanship that I’m seeing out there.

- Coach Sandusky

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