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Monday, November 22, 2010

Greg + Hairnet = Priceless

-Brian L.

Hi. I'm Jeff.

The office is now a little closer together so we have decided to get rid of all intercom paging and go back to passing messages grade school style by playing "telephone". One to two people is fine... but when the message has to go across the office it can get a little interesting...

-Brian L.

Green Alley

Don't know where this is or what the intent was but it's a pretty cool idea. A place for people to relax on a small patch of green grass in the middle of a concrete jungle. Dogs love it too.

Problems with Deforestation

-Brian L.

Looks Like Someone has a Case of the Mondays!

I Think the Cartoon Pretty Much Says it All...

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Sara, Brian, and Amber locked in battle
Regina meticulously carving

Aerie even more meticulously carving

Kim's creation

Sara carved a "W+P" an attempt to suck up to the judges in hopes of victory. She lost.

The Judges. The $20 in the winning pumpkin may have swayed the judging just a bit.

We had a great turn out this year... as compared to the two participants in years past. One thing that didn't change was the winner. Yes, Amber won AGAIN. Thanks to Kim, Aerie, Sara, Amber, and Regina for participating!
-Brian L.

Fast Brick Road

How many times have you seen something and said... "wow, why didn't I think of that?" Leave it to the Germans to engineer a brick paver road laying machine. Those are real brick pavers put down with precision in record time. Genius!


Skeet Shooting for Real Men

Snookie or Robi?... you decide

The Annual IIDA-Northern California Chapter Roll and Bowl event was held at Sea Bowl in Pacifica this year. Sea Bowl is a cool retro bowling alley that has been there forever. All the proceeds from the event benefited our chapter. So I was doing it “for the cause”. This years theme was: “Jersey Shore at Pacifica….celebrating bad taste”. So I didn’t get my spray tan but I did get my poof. For those who don't know who Snookie is...see the bottom picture.
- Robi

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Encounter Design

For those of you who couldn't attend the WP University Eames Residence / Studio Tour a while back... Lucia and Llisa Eames will be giving a presentation on the 'Eames Legacy' at the biennial Encounter Design Event put on by the AIA and sponsored by Miles-Treaster & Associates (MTA). This is a unique opportunity to hear the ideas and stories behind the furniture and products of Charles and Ray. It will be held at the AIA office on July 10th (Second Saturday)...and if you haven't been to Midtown for a Second Saturday in a while (or ever)... you're missing out!

a thousand miles

35 thousand feet

one for you

Of lesser significance but equally as cool... Some of my art will be on display. Click the link for more details.
(click on "another great reason to attend encounter design")

-Brian L.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tour de Lincoln - 2010

This year’s Tour de Lincoln was a blast. Our group, Jim, Robi, Mark, Kim, Tom and Robert, enjoyed a forty mile loop of beautiful country roads, blues sky’s and no mechanical incidents. Thanks Lincoln Volunteer Center for another great day in the saddle.

 From left - Robi, Mark, Robert and Kim

From left - Robi, Mark and Robert

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blazing Saddles TOC Stage One Century "Almost"

We had a great day in the saddle as we enjoyed this year’s Tour of California Stage One Route first hand.
96 miles *  Avg moving speed 15 mph * Elevation Gain 4,241

Brian Pantiga, Jeff Ambrosia, Bill Larson, Jack Paddon, Terry Green, Tom Ventura, and Robert Wallis
Nevada City Departure

Bear River Canyon - Dog Bar

Lunch at Mama Anns

Finish at Lucca's

Jack and Bill Attack the Davis Double

“Over all it went well. I felt really good up to the 96 mile mark and then we started a 7 mile climb up Cobb Mountain. The climb is reported to be between 5-10% with no breaks… on the back side we hit 43 mph on our decent so that was a measure of payback. The hardest part mentally was after dark when you lose the context and perspective of your surroundings. Riding past the Casino about 9:00 pm was the most dangerous stretch…there is no shoulder for 7 miles and the juiced up crazies leaving the casino needed to let us know their feelings about sharing the road. We averaged 13.5 mph in the saddle but our overall time was 18 hours with stops. I’m sure Bill Larson could have done it in 12 or 13 hours. Bill was a true friend, by pacing at my speed instead of his, and letting me hang on his wheel all day. Mission accomplished.” Jack Paddon

These guys look entirley to fresh to have just completed 200 mile

Jack somewhere in the twilight zone

and he was not along...Bill

Note - Cobb Mountain at 4480 ft 
is also known as “puke hill’

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Town Hall Video

Entitled..."if you've ever had a brother". Better late than never.

-Brian L.

Pothole Gardens

Not sure if this little endeavor will cause more accidents than smiles but its a pretty cool idea.
-Brian L.

Lego Patchwork

The Dispatchwork Project by artist Jan Vormann. This clever fella uses his 3rd grade lego building skills to bring a bright side to broken buildings all over the world. I can't imagine anyone walking by a building, seeing these colorful legos and not smiling.
-Brian L.

Third World Construction Part 1


Third World Construction Part 2


Earth'smart Building???

Studios Architecture has designed a new green office, meeting, and exhibition space that aspires to become a hub of sustainability in the Sacramento area. Dubbed the Earth’smart building, the center would be an ideal place for individuals to converge in order to discuss, plan and work towards increased sustainability in the fields of construction, public policy, industry, investment, design, and education.

The Earth’smart building consists of 5 stories built around a central atrium, and it houses a large exhibit hall, reception and event registration areas, and an indoor/outdoor cafe. Numerous offices, a research library, and conference rooms in cantilevered pods would also be available. On top of the building, a green roof and a lounge and cafe offers views of the capital underneath the shade of a photovoltaic array.

Daylight filters into the building through the glass facade, and natural ventilation is aided by the chimney effect in the central atrium. Storm water infiltrates through the exterior garden spaces, and inside a 5-story waterfall provides low-energy evaporative cooling to the spaces surrounding the atrium.

The design is still speculative at this point, but Studios Architecture is dedicated to making this multi-purpose building an example for sustainable construction in California’s capital city. (

anyone heard of this?

-Brian L.

No job too far... No mountain too high...

That’s our motto at W+P… at least it was for our meeting on the Truckee Cultural Arts Center project.

We really know how to pick the projects, the mandatory job walk at Truckee was during the worst storm of this year’s winter season. I think yesterday may have been the second worse storm of this year’s winter season.

Glad to know we were in an all-wheel drive X5 and not a ox-drawn wagon (Donner Party!)

Yes that’s Jack pushing snow off the car with his laptop briefcase.
-Brian W.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeping up with the Jones's

Think we could get these by design review?

Is it magic?... no, its Anda.

After (including paper cuts...ouch!)

The MOUNTAIN is gone, I need a manicure!

Who Actually Remembers These Things...

Flash Bulbs
Erector Set

Drive-In Movie

Lincoln Logs

Tinker Toys

Green Stamps

How many times did Timmy get trapped in a well?

I'd set my desk on fire just to use the slide

I’m not going to say how many I remember as not to date myself. But for the budding architects I’m sure Tinker Toys, Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs had to be a mainstay as children. And as one of the non-architects on staff, I’m fascinated by the fire escape tubes. Thankfully that type of architecture did not stay around. But I have to say it would be fun to exit work each day down a slide vs. taking the stairs. It would be as close to being Batman as many of us would get.

Of all of these my favorites were:
• collecting Green Stamps from all my grandparents and getting to go the Green Stamp store with my grandma to pick out my parent’s Christmas present one year. I remember spending hours looking at the Green Stamps catalog agonizing over just the right gift and recounting my green stamp books over and over to make sure I had enough to get what I wanted.
• Going to the drive in movies with my parents and cousins almost every Friday night. The parents would get in one car and the kids in another and eat the bags of popcorn our grandma made for us.
• Getting to watch Wild Kingdom hosted by Marlin Perkins each week
• And last but certainly not least, the flash bulbs on my first camera that blind me now just thinking about it.

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