Monday, May 12, 2008

Tour de Lincoln

With ‘May is Bike Month’ in full swing, a contingent from WP set out to tackle the Tour de Lincoln. Saturday was a beautiful May morning. It was sunny, the temperature was in the low 80's and we had the bike riding animals from W + P poised and ready to rack up some miles!.
Jack, Nan and Randy Dawson (Trish's husband) started off before any of us even showed up. There were tackling the 63 mile ride which included a 3,500 foot gain in elevation. Kim Settle was next out of the gate heading for 1400 foot gain in elevation and a 40 mile ride. STUDS!!!! all of them.......that's all I can say!
Next off was our 20 mile team riding strong: JTW, Trish, Terry Green, Mark, Dorel, Brian L., James, Ryan Culver, Eric Culver, and Ulie (Ryan's friend).
Last out of the gate was our 10 mile team: Nora, Greg Tonello, Kim Tonello (recovering from her stiff neck) and Me, Robi (with only one good leg… you all know this story by now:) Our surprise rider for the day was Terry Green who didn't think that 20 miles was enough for him so he made up his on route and ended up riding 46 miles (6 of which were charting his own course after getting lost)! Way to go Green Machine! Glad you found your way back to us.
In all we had 17 people riding for Team WP logging a total of 432 miles! We all had a great time, at some yummy BBQ, met some super nice people and enjoyed the company of the warm and friendly folks from the City of Lincoln.
Thanks to all of you and your families for coming out. I had a blast I hope you all did too.



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