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Monday, April 28, 2008

Violators Open A Can on Team Quality!!!

The Page 13 Violators took an early lead on Team Quality Friday night and they never looked back. That’s right, we gave them a wallop with the final score of 14-3. We had near perfect play from everyone in the field and very productive hitting. Team Quality was having a hard time giving us pitches as they walked half our batters, Amber walked twice, Brian was very stingy as he took close to 10 pitches before he walked. Amber gets the PLAY OF THE WEEK!! with her diving stop at second base. She knocked down a line drive, then flicks her glove to Brian in true “talk to the hand” fashion to get the force out at second base. The Violators also rallied with two outs late in the game to make mild lead over Team Quality into a downright smackdown. As we quickly gained two outs in the fifth inning, the hits just started flowing as we went ahead to score 4 runs before ending the inning. With our win, we have taken an unprecedented 3-1 record for the season, never before have played at this level. I want add that W+P should be proud of their Violators. They have been playing with the upmost sportsmanship and competitive spirit and they are truly enjoying the rewards. Stay tuned next week as we take on the Team Harvest next week, Amber’s favorite team.

-Coach Sandusky

World Clock

How many people are born every minute, how many die. How many animals go extinct or acres of forest cut down, how much is the military spending, and what is our oil consumption? To find out check out this website...Click Here.

-Andrea Jaggers

Kite Design Contest

Ok you can create cool stuff but can it fly? There had already been a few challenges and much trash talking regarding this competition. Shannon has laid down the challenge of biggest kite (apparently to big to fit through the front door) and Jeff and I are competing for the smallest kite. There will be several winners in 3 categories so go forth and be creative. let the games (and by games I mean trash talking, espionage, and sabotage) begin!

-Brian Lefholz

Mothers Day Boutique

Williams + Paddon is proud to sponsor the first ever Mothers Day Boutique. I know there are a lot of creative people here so don't be shy about showing off your talent. Shannon makes incredible woven silver bracelets, Amber and Andrea have the jewelry marked cornered, and Cigi and Jeff(hahaha) are expert scrapbookers. See the fly for more details.

-Brian Lefholz

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Violators Get Back on Track in a BIG Way!

That’s right, the Violators goose-egged Vertigoz on Friday night with a score of 7-0. The best part about it was that we had prime talent out on the field. We led off with solid hitting from line up led by Brian Lefholz, Matt Rudolph, James Engler, Fran Montanari, Leah Polcyn, and company. The defense was also at its peak with highlights from James Engler as he single handedly made a double play, catching a line drive and quickly tagging an unsuspecting base runner. Vertigoz never had a chance as they had but only one runner reach third base. We are on track to have the best season ever since the formation of our ragtag crew. May we keep up the momentum with our 2-1 record into the fourth week. We can play with anyone in this league and I’d say that we are the cream of the crop.
-Will Sandusky

Timbuk2 Bags

As an architecture firm we pride ourselves on our ability to design. Our design philosphy doesn't stop at spaces and buildings but carries through to our very unique culture. Rather than hand out the same old boring black laptop case to everyone…WP decided to give each employee a gift card to ‘Design Your Own Bag’ at What makes this a great gift is that it allowed everyone in the office to design a one-of-a-kind bag that fits their specific needs. Regardless of rank or design skill (secretary, designer, project manager, CAD monkey, etc…) everyone was able to express their hidden creative souls. After nearly 4 months of bags being ordered and embroidered, everyone has their 'designer' bags in hand.

A big thanks to the WP big wigs for the great gift and a special shout out to our very own graphical genius Tye (Charlie) Brown for his diligence in making it happen.

-Tye, Rose, and Brian L.

What's your carbon footpint?

With energy costs in a near constant rise there are ways for the average person to save some money and help out mother earth at the same time. The article is a good read for general knowledge on how to save energy as well as calculate your carbon foorprint...Click Here. My carbon footprint is calculated at 23,195 pounds of carbon per year, mostly due to the amount of round trip flights via Southwest Airlines. Shannon's footprint was 11,463. A good carbon footprint is considered 6,000-15,999 while average is 16,000-22,000. Above 22,000...not so great (that's me).

-Shannon and Brian L.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gold Country Hike

Last weekend I had the opportunity to introduce Brian and Abbie to the heart of the Gold Country with a hike down into the American River Canyon. Starting at 1,700 feet in Applegate down to an elevation of 700 feet at the North Fork of the American River. This was accomplished on a 2.5 mile abandoned dirt road. At the bottom we encountered some off roaders who attempted to cross the river in their unprepared trucks. Needless to say they got stuck in the middle of a raging river of frigid Sierra snow melt. I wonder how these guys were able to get back to shore………… with a full belly of beer. The hike out was the real workout with a 2 mile side trip to a limekiln on the way out of the canyon.

Look forward to an office organized hike and gathering afterwards at the Green Residence this summer……………..leave the 4 wheelers at home.

-Terry Green

Violator's Fall to 1-1

As we gathered for our pre-game warm up we were feeling pretty good about our chances. After all...we were undefeated. As we took the field behind, our star pitcher Matt Rudolph, I couldn't help but notice the lack of electricity in the air. You see, our 6 time gold glove winning short-stop James was unavailable for the game do to illness. But we picked our heads up and did the best we could without his usual constant direction on how to play the game. The infield (Jeff, Elsa, Amber) played an almost perfect game. Jeff was either lucky or good (I'll let you know after the next game), snagging everything that came his way. Amber was a brick wall at second and Elsa made our poor throwing look great at first base. Our outfield had some errors but we rallied back with some clutch hitting in the late innings. We hung in the game until the end but came up 2 runs short, losing 7-5. Thanks to all our groupies who filled the stands in support of our effort.

P.S. - Be sure to wish Greg Tonello a speedy recovery from a pulled hamstring.

-Brian Lefholz

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Architects Digital Clock

Every now again a new technology comes along so good that is just blows you away. Introducing the latest in digital clock technology.

- Trish Dawson

SRCSD/CSD-1 receives incentives from SMUD

SRCSD/CSD-1 Office & Corporation Yard Earns over $400,000 in Incentives from SMUD

Finally, all the effort put into the SRCSD/CSD-1 project design is paying off – literally. We have recently been informed that the project will be earning over $400,000 in incentives through the SMUD Savings by Design program. The project team applied for, and will be receiving, the following incentives: $80,000+ Owner Incentive, $300,000 PV Incentive, $26,000+ Design Team Incentive, $5,000 Commissioning Incentive and $5,000 LEED Registration Incentive. The SRCSD/CSD-1 project is the first Design Team incentive application exceeding 25% savings vs. Title 24 in SMUD's territory; the energy model for the office building indicates building systems performance ~27% better than Title 24.

Congratulations to the project team!

-Regina Souchek

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Human Camera

Can someone draw an entire city such as Rome or London with exacting detail having only seen the city during a 45 minute helicopter ride? The answer is yes and the his name is Stephen Wiltshire. I can't remember where my keys and cell phone are in the morning and this guy can draw an entire city from memory. Just click the link, watch the video and pick your jaw up off the floor when finished. Simply amazing.

-Brian Lefholz


(Read in your best Howard Cosell voice...)
As the Page 13 Violators took the field and shook off the jitters, they picked up where they left off last season with the drive to win. The season started against Team Harvest, a team formed by a local Citrus Heights church, full of positive energy. The Violators were first to bat and quickly got on the scoreboard to show that the new wood bats didn’t faze them. Once we took the field, we also took over and held off the churches advances of scoring, with the exception of our second basewoman Amber Seevers who seemed to have scored a phone number of a Harvest base runner who very clearly violated our lead off Violator. Team Harvest returned with their own sound fielding as they snagged multiple well hit balls out of the air and breaking our defenses to put up some runs and capitalize on our errors. However, in true W+P fashion, the Violator’s did not go down into the night, they came up to the plate and hosted a round good hitting led by James Engler, Amber Seevers, Eric Driever, Matt Rudolph, Leah Polcyn, Elsa Gomez and Brian Lefholz. With this great push over the hump to put the us back into the lead for good, the Page 13 Violator’s walked away with 6-5 win over Team Harvest on Friday night. Thank you to the Tonello family and all the W+P family for coming out to support us with another exciting night of Coed Softball. Stay tuned as the Page 13 Violator’s take on the Ball Busters this Friday at 9:20pm.

-Will Sandusky

“A Little Healthy Competition…”

Here is yet another design opportunity for all of you W+P go-getters! Ample Sample is asking designers to step outside the proverbial box and dream up newer and more unconventional solutions for utilizing carpet samples. What does this mean; well have you ever seen a carpet tile turned into a purse or a picture frame… or perhaps a mosaic layout of the Mona Lisa? With the direction Ample Sample is going with this competition, you just might! Winning designs will be promoted at NeoCon, in Floor Focus Magazine and available as a free download to forward-thinking designers from around the world. Check out more specifics at

Please be advised, a group of us have already entered this contest and, since we kick *ss, it looks like only 2nd place will be available :)
- Amber Seevers

April Fools Day

There exists a small but stealthy rebel force at WP who celebrate a non-traditional holiday known as April Fools Day. This is a day when the true comedic talents of people like Tye and Brian can really shine. Numerous high jinks were played throughout the office, however we found ourselves wanting to create a more memorable substantial shenanigan. And then the queen mother of all pranks presented itself. We found ourselves in possession of Naaz Alikan’s keys (don’t ask how,) and decided that since she is a VIP her parking spot at the office should reflect her lofty status. We couldn’t think of any space more high profile then 10’ outside the front doors…so that’s where we parked it.

A special thanks to Naaz for being such a good sport. Until next year…

-Brian and Tye

Friday, April 4, 2008

Violator Softball Tonight!!!

As you all know by now the Violator’s Spring season is upon us and our first game is Friday, April 4th @ 7:20pm. I want to thank my fellow 2008 Violators squad as we have an overwhelming turnout this year ( I may actually have to turn some people away for some games!?!) I am looking forward to multi-generational team that we have formed from W+P softball past & future coming together to leave it all out on the field. We have Greg “The Hammer” Tonello coming out of retirement who is proving to us whippersnappers where his nickname came from. We have design extraordinaire, Terry Green, who has mention that he will make an appearance this season and amaze us with his throwing arm. We brought up, “Young-er Brian” Lefholz from our farm team in Arizona, a one man team at pitcher, left field, third base, etc. And lastly, we have recruited some our very enthusiastic interns, Stephanie “Shot Put” Scattini. I have longed for the smell of the grass, the dirty leather gloves, the wise cracks from the peanut gallery and the uplifting cheers from our very own Mama Violator, Mary Shelnut. I only hope she is able to expand her cheering section this year with more that own relatives. Come on out, W+Pers and family its an exciting night of drama and pure competition.


- Coach Will Sandusky

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