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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Are The Odds?

Some might say that Brett and I dozed off during a recent lunch time presentation. This is NOT true. On average the human eye blinks 708 times per hour, or 12 times per minute. I'm not sure what the odds are of someone taking a picture at the exact moment that Brett and I blinked but they have to be a million to one. Whomever took this picture should go play the lottery because lady luck is on your side.

Brian L.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Product

Jack and Terry have come up with a new product based their love of biking and their need for groceries. Called the Grocery Go Getter Bike Cart, this contraption blends the best of both worlds. There are still a few bugs to work out like brakes and how to steer but those are minor.

Coming soon to a thrift store near you.

Invisible Chair

No, this isn't magic... but it is pretty cool.


Fitness Fanatic

Terry testing his limits during a fitness test. All decked out in race gear on his race bike. We're starting to think that biking is inching closer to architecture as a few of Terry's favorite things. Heck, lets be honest... they are neck and neck at this point.

Mission Accomplished!!!

· California Triple Crown Winner Baby!!
· Three Double Centuries (200 mile ride) in one calendar year
· 31,000+ feet of slow climbing (Everest +)
· 31,000+ feet of fast descending (gotta love gravity)
· 51+ hours in the saddle
· Countless packets of GU

Well done Jack!

Eyes forward, heads down... it's test time.

Studies have shown that this method of intense focus has resulted in higher test scores and quite classrooms. Side affects include lack of collaboration, creativity, social awareness and ear infections.

Drawing Safari

Last weekend I participated in what is known as the Drawing Safari. Local Architect Saxon Sigerson organizes this loosely formatted sketching experience a few times a year. The gist is this... meet somewhere in midtown where Saxon supplies paper and pencils (without erasers) and assigns a place to go study and sketch. This time we studied the stairs of old Victorians in midtown. We split up into teams of 2 and headed out to pre-determined locations to get lost in plans, sections, elevations and perspectives. After a few hours we met back up, enjoyed our brown bag lunches, taped our work on a few old doors and discussed our findings. Given that actual hand sketching is quickly becoming a lost art in the profession, it was nice to put lead back in my hand and let the mind wander as it may. Felt like I was back in design studio in college... if only for a few hours on a beautiful Saturday morning.

-Brian L.

Who's In Charge?

Early on a Friday morning those of us in the office looked around and noticed that Eric was the most senior member of our staff that was in the office. Eric found this rather funny that he was now "techinally" in charge and decided to play the part...

Eric playing the part of Greg. Although, come to think of it... I have never seen Greg with his feet up. I have however seen Eric with his feet up many times. So, I think Eric is playing himself here... just in Greg's office.
Amber playing Terry. This is more accurate as to feet placement.

Brian being Jack. Why is he so close to the computer screen? Well, Jack is getting up there (59 this week!)... and his eyes aren't what they used to be.

Kim as James. James is our fearless quality control leader. Kim is 'green' marking some drawings... she's only inches away because like Jack, James's eyes aren't what they used to be either.

Joey the dog sitting in for Dan. If you know Dan you have heard his love for dogs. What started as "let's get a dog for the kids" has now turned into an obsession and now Dan looks after 4 dogs. It was only fitting that Joey take over Dan's spot.

Brian playing Robi. If you know Robi you've already laughed at the picture.

Need Help?

For those of you who have been or still are addicted to angry birds... you'll get the image below.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rebuilding Together

And so the day begins...
Tom and Brian tearing off the fascia and eave sheathing

Brian trimming some overgrown trees

Regina and Yingxi playing in the dirt

We have conquered the eaves! Now on to painting...

Regina and Yingxi still hard at work while Amber supervises

Isn't tampering with a federal mailbox a felony? Amber was a Jill of all trades... painter, taper, dissembler, re-assembler, etc...

Regina reliving her Nebraska youth days by riding in the bed of a truck.

More painting...

Tom, Yingxi, Regina, Amber and Brian were on hand, to lend a hand at this years Rebuilding Together house. We were part of a huge crew that included high school students and Raley's supermarket corporate employees, as well as many other helpers. It was a beautiful day and by the end of it the owners were on their way to having a beautiful house once again.

Progress at San Juan H.S.



The change is remarkable...

SPCA custom dog house(s)

The above renderings were for the other firms submissions.

A conceptual rendering of our design

Process photos of the construction

The finished table complete with inlaid chess board, toy storage compartment, remote control storage, magazine rack, inlaid coasters, and a dog bed.

Dan Richards here at WP spearheaded an effort to team up local architectural firms with contractors to design and build custom dog houses. The challenge this year was to design a dog house that could also be a piece of furniture. They were auctioned off at the SPCA's annual fundraising event. A big thanks to Dan as well as Regina and Lauren for their input.


"These contractors are installing steel pillars in concrete to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a sports bar downtown. They are now in the process of cleaning up at the end of the day and anxious to go home. How long do you think it will be before they realize where they parked their truck?" - Anonymous

All Dressed Up

Kim snapped this photo before the team went to an interview.

We are a pretty casual office so seeing everyone in suits and ties was kind of like sending your children off to their first day of school. Mom adjusts the ties and makes sure everyone has their shirts tucked in and dad says good luck and hands them all their lunch boxes.

50 dollars well spent

Kim grilling up the burgers... YUM!

All the people that ate the yummy burgers.

Kim was the most recent recipient of the random 50 dollars to spend on something fun for the office. Well, when you have a backyard special built for entertaining then it would only make sense to entertain. So, Kim fired up the grill for some delicious burgers accompanied by some ice cold beverages. Only Jim and Joey were brave enough to take a swim but everyone enjoyed relaxing and hanging out for a few hours on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

Thanks Kim!!

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