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Monday, September 22, 2008

Self-Sustainable Chair

Seriously???...someone actually thought this was a good idea? I definitely give the designer major kudos for attempting to think outside the box but this might be just a bit too much. This cute little article of clothing is billed as a wearable piece of furniture which is a dress where the butt inflates into a chair through pumps in the shoes. Artist Joo Yuon Paek hopes the provocative art piece will “transform the humdrum experiences produced by routine walking commutes into an amusing interactive performance.” I suppose the walk to work is just too taxing for some. Is it just me or does this dress look more like and oversized diaper than anything?...maybe that's an alternate use.

-Brian L.

Corporate Games - Basketball

***Not shown is a picture of Jeff, Brett, and Joey about to pass out***

This weekend I came up to “the burbs” from downtown to play in the corporate games, 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Mahany sports complex.

Let’s just say the last time I played competitive 3 on 3 basketball was a couple of years after college. As most of you know I am older now. Joey, Jeff and I went to the corporate games to kick some basketball ASS and show these pansy Roseville companies who is boss. It turned out to not be exactly as we had planned. I remember only 3 things…..panting after the first 5 minutes (knowing we were not done with the 1st game and having two more to go.), guarding dudes that were 4 inches taller and years younger than I, and watching Joey and Jeff pant more than me. Right when the game started I knew we were in a world of hurt; every one of Joe’s lay ups hit the backboard, but missed the rim. Jeff was good at passing the ball, and I was good at 3 point shots……(I went 2 for 15)

Scores of the games:
W+P 15 Other Team 32
W+P 9 Other Team 32
W+P 6 Other Team 32

Best shot of the tournament of course was my shot when I faked the pass at the guys head then took a jump shot in his face and swished it….that brought us to 9 points.

Next year with a little practice and 3 new players we should be able to win the whole thing !


Corporate Games - Dodge Ball

It seemed that our "hours" of practice and "weeks" of preparation we not enough to overcome some truly talented dodgeball players of the greater Roseville area. Our rag tag group of players took to the court not having touched a dodge ball since the 4th grade...and it showed! We shook off years of rust and managed to win a game here and there but never were able to win the battle...that was until our final game. Haunted by the thought of finishing last out of 6 teams, we took to the court with a renewed spirit. We were not going to be denied our 5th place finish! We quickly took the lead and never looked back, pummeling our opponents with a barrage of balls and dodging everything that came our way. Thanks to Bill, Jessica, Amber, Anntionette, Sarah, Jeff, Kim, Brett, Joey, Brian L., and the elder statesman of the group Mark for coming out and sacrificing their bodies for the good of the company.
-Brian L.

Burning Man - 2008

Yes, Burning Man is for all. You don’t have to be young, or a hippie, or drug addict to enjoy all that the event of “Burning the Man” has to offer. In fact, all you need is self reliance and self expression and you too can be a “Burner”.
Burning Man is about art. The art of creating a community in an extreme harsh environment for a week. The art of self expression. The physical art both interactive and display. Art of sound, the art of sight, the art touch, the art of taste, the art of self expression. It’s all there for the experience.

Burning Man is a personal event. It means something different to each. I have been 3 times, each time , it offers more and more art. The following is an excellent factual description from Wikipedia:
Burning Man is an annual event held in the
Black Rock Desert, in Northern Nevada. The event starts on the Monday before, and ends on Labor Day. Its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. Organizers have noted, "Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind."

In 2008, 49,599 people attended.

- Beverly

Concert in the Park - Mumbo Gumbo

Be sure to come out Sunday, September 28 for the last of the 2008 Roseville Concert in the Park series (a WP sponsored event) at Royer Park featuring Mumbo Gumbo. It’s free and starts at 6 p.m., bring your lawn chairs, blankets and picnic and enjoy a great Roseville tradition. And if you don’t feel like packing dinner, you can buy hotdogs and hamburgers from the Lions Club. See you there.

- Jodie

Violators Take One in Day/Night Double Header

After our hard loss last week to “Steal Your Base”, I would like to thank two women who stepped in to fill the shoes of our regular Violators. I would like to thank Aerie Sandusky for volunteering and giving her all to fill in during our hard loss last week. Aerie filled in the outfield, only to be picked on by our rivals. She then tried second base and had some success teaming up with Amber to get some crucial outs. I would also like to thank Kim Navarro for joining the team to fill in for the whole season for our recovering first basewoman, Elsa Gomez. Kim has been versatile to switch around from Right Field to Catcher, etc. where ever she’s asked to play.

This week both games ended as nail-biters in the final innings. The Violators reciprocated the score for both games as they each ended with a score of 5-4. The defense picked up where they left off as the full team returned to play, keeping the opposition to five runs or less. It was our hitting that needed the improvements as the Violators could barely generate the runs to overcome the Neighbirds and fell short against Garcia’s. But, that’s what makes it exciting! After the final inning against the Neighbirds, the Violators were tied 4-4 going into extra innings. Our speedy 1st basewoman, Sarah Treadwell, is able to poke a single into left field. Then it was our 3rd baseman, Brian Lefholz, left to start a late rally for the win. He smashed a well hit ball to centerfield for a base hit. At this point the centerfielder mishandles the ball and allows for Sarah to huff it to third base before the ball is thrown in. The infielder then misses the throw allowing Sarah to try for Home! She barrels down the third base line, charging hard at a good 2 MPH yet still beating the throw to home as the catcher then drops the ball. She’s safe… and Violators come away (barely) with an exciting second win of the season with score 5-4.

The second game was more of the same, great defense with little offense, with much of the same result. However, Brian Lefholz switched over to the mound to shake off the rust in his pitching arm. Those third base instincts helped greatly as he snagged numerous ground balls hit close to the mound, single handed ending an inning make all three outs. But, as I said, the bats were lacking. We sent many a fly ball to be caught in the outfield, thus leaving many chances to score standing on the bases. However, we went into the final inning with a score of 5-4 with the Violators on the short end. Our professional batboy, Ryan Culver, beats out an infield hit to start a rally to get us back on top. With two outs, Schnee Lopez hits a hard infield blooper as Ryan hussles to 2nd base to beat out the throw. He slides into the base, seemingly beating the throw. “He’s Out!” was the debatable call from the Ump, who seemed hurry to get the next game going. So we were finished for the night losing to Garcia’s by the score of 5-4.

We’ll see you all next week as we take on Guilty Pleasure!


Mozart in the Office


Monday, September 8, 2008

Re-cycling tips from PUMA

As I was about to toss the shoe box that had outlived its useful life of transporting my new kicks from the factory in China, to the store in Sacramento, to my apartment... I found a funny little note about re-cycling. In a world of crazy far out ideas on how to save the planet, I found PUMA's sense of humor rather refreshing.

Re-Cycle tips

1. As a dolls house, for a small doll.

2. As a container for useless stuff you really should have chucked out by now.

3. As a place for 'private' photos you can't store on your hard disc.

-Brian L.

Violators are Back in Action

The Violators begin the Fall season with style. We started by shaking off the rust in the first inning leaving a man on third base and giving up three runs in the first inning, but it was all business from there on. The Violators unleashed a hitting spree that nothing short of fluid. Brian Lefholz picked up from where he left off with his solid hitting as he pulled off an inside-the-park homer to get us going. I’d like to introduce our newest Violator, Schnee Lopez who impressed us with her fine fielding and hitting, as if she’s done this before. We had solid hitting from everyone, including Bev Lund who wound up with two hits and a walk by the end of the night. Elsa Gomez came in for a solo appearance and added to the win, she will be missed as she will take the rest of the season off to recoup from surgery. It was great to have Sarah Treadwell back in the lineup as well, as she covered first base, covered running for Beverly’s hits from first base, nearly took out Jeff Navarro with three consecutive foul hits, and scored multiple runs. It’s just not the same without her, welcome back Sarah! Needless to say the Violators played very well in their opening night of the Fall season as they defeated the Red Light Runners by a score of 15-5.

We hope to see the rest of you W+Pers come out to support us as we enjoy another fun season on the diamond!

- Will

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Design is...

The above bank notes are Dutch, before the introduction of the Euro. I don't think I'm going to far out on a limb by saying they're just a bit more visually stimulating the our greenbacks.
I came across this article on DWR's website about the design of currency around the world. I have to confess, I found the entire article rather depressing. Not because it was poorly written or uninteresting but rather because it made me realize (again) how frustrating it can be to push the envelope of design. In architecture/interiors we are more in tune with this struggle and by the nature of our industry we must care about quality of design...because if we don't, who will? In the same article I found this quote about banknote design...but really about design in general.
When one designs money, especially an official banknote, there are two basic ways you can go:
1. Confine yourself to the (said) abilities of current technologies, following the masses, and find yourself, most of the time, with a result which isn't as you intended;
2. Go to the limits of the current technologies and then cross them to get the result you actually had in mind and be a rebel.
-Brian L.

“That is Why We Live Here”

I was reminded on Sunday of my first response to the idea of moving to the Sacramento area…. It was something along the lines of “hell no.” But I was naive. I’d only travelled along the Highways 80 & 50 to & from Tahoe and as we all know this corridor is not Sacramento at its best. What called this initial response to mind was a near perfect day on Lake Natoma nearly a year and a half after the “hell no” comment. This time my Sac-wise “tour guides” were kayakers and gourmet picnic planners Terry & Linda Green.

Terry had donated a kayaking adventure for two to the W+P retreat raffle back in June and I was the lucky winner. My husband, Ted, was my fortunate “guest.” Terry & Linda arrived at the meeting place with a tandem kayak on the roof, paddles, gloves a picnic basket and know-how. Ted and I arrived with …. sunglasses. We hopped in their truck ready for the adventure and were whisked away to Negro bar where Terry & Linda set us up with all the gear & a few tips. Once in the water, despite thwacking paddles now and then, Ted & I splashed along pretty well. Early on I was glad to see Linda pausing now and then to take in the sites while Terry continued paddling. I followed suit and decided I liked kayaking even more. While I kicked back, Ted’s massive pectorals glistened in the sun as he oared with the strength of 10 Olympians (Ted added that part when he proofed this…)

It was a beautiful day, warm & clear with the city noise drowned out by the sound of the river. After heading up the lake toward Folsom prison (just how far up can you go without being shot?), saying “hello” to the various fishermen, we coasted back down on the current past the large brown rock formations and back under both bridges before beaching the kayaks on a secluded shore for a picnic on dry land. I’m all about good food and I was delighted at the goodies. After refueling we headed back to our starting point, cleaned up and reloaded the gear. As we drove away from our time on the water Ted said “now that is why we live here.”

Thanks Terry & Linda. Thanks W+P.

- Kristi

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chalk it Up

Every Labor Day weekend artists gather at Fremont Park (15th and P.) with chalk buckets in hand to create semi-permanent works of art. It's a great community and family event with live music, food, games, and crafts all weekend. All proceeds benefit children's art education. If your in the area, stop by and check it out. These masterpieces usually last for months...or at least until the first rainstorm.
- Brian L.

Receptionist for a Day

just look at the excitement on jeff's face...

Last week I assumed the role of receptionist for about ½ hour. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that it was very enlightening. While the world did not end and we thankfully did not lose any clients, I did misdirect one call and accidentally whisper “damn” while trying to transfer a call. Some other tasks that I completed were overnight packaging and mail distribution. Some may have heard my vocals on the intercom as well. I wanted to also say that Antoinette was a great trainer and I appreciated her patience. I urge everyone to try the job, to gain a greater appreciation for what it takes to do that job. Especially handle multiple calls at once, argh!!!!!
- Eric D.
Now the real story from Sarah...
Eric D. - Saying “damn it” on the phones, mixing up Jodi and Nora’s calls, Sitting in the chair leaning back with his legs crossed and hands on his head.
Jeffery - Don’t know because I was off that day, check with Antinette...she said he was mediocre at best.
Stu G. – Did well, Got flustered when multiple calls came in and forgot to ask their company and their names ALL the time, sent a call to Jim W and didn’t know who it was (I think Jim got a little mad)
Jason M – After canceling his 1st session, we made him come up 2 days later, first call came and he got scarred back away and said “No No I'm not ready yet”! He had a couple of calls that were for him and just started talking to the people and then when another call would come in he wouldn’t answer it because he was in the middle of a conversation so it rolls over to the PAGS.
Robert Wallis – Got LUCKY only 1 call the whole time he was up here.

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