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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Mini goes Electric

For those eco-conscious drivers and those who actually care what you earth friendly car looks like, check out the all electric Mini. Same great styling, same fun attitude, but no gas required. The Mini E, as it is called, comes complete with a 204hp fully electric engine, a regenerative braking system, and a range of 150 miles.

-Brian L.

Crossville Tile Factory Tour, Nashville TN

Brian Lefholz and I joined a large group from all over California and headed east to Crossville Tennessee to tour the factory of Crossville Tile. It was an extremely fun and educational experience. We toured two factories, their oldest and their newest. The oldest of the two was a hodgepodge of activity. We bounced from room to room like a pinball, trying our best to make sense of the tile making process. Needless to say it was extremely confusing and I couldn’t exactly tell you I learned a whole lot except for that the good people of Crossville start every sentence with, “This here is…”. Now on to the new factory… much more informative. Our tour guide was a barrel of laughs and he really deconstructed the tile manufacturing process so that a one semester high school ceramic class attendee such as myself could understand it. What was extremely valuable was that we were essentially able to follow the same piece of tile from start to finish learning the in’s and outs of the production, packaging, and shipping process.

Real quick, I have to give props to the employees of the factory; everyone we met with really seemed to love their job and have a passion for what they were doing. It said a lot about how Crossville runs their operation.

As for Nashville… it gets a big ‘F’ for FABULOUS! I think I speak for Brian when I say it was a blast and a half. Made up of Second Avenue, Lower Broadway, and Printer’s Alley, the district serves up the best of Nashville’s historic past, dining, shopping, and nightlife like you’ll only find in Music City. Day or night, you are guaranteed to experience live music at a number of bars and restaurant in the area. Nashville certainly has more than its fair share of talent. If you ever have a chance to go, I recommend getting an ‘Alley-Gator’ shooter at the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar and treating yourself to a sweet baked potato (brown sugar, butter, and a sprinkle of heaven) at one of the top 10 restaurant in the US, The Stockyard.


A Super Green Roof

If this keeps up, we won’t be able to see the buildings from space!


Get Plugged Into the Green World!

Welcome to your one stop shop for all things green. Your social and business community, your way, Linked Up to your personal green.

Green Link Up - Click Here


Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento

"Multi Purpose Building groundbreaking ceremony kicks off phase II expansion." That's what the headline read on the fall newsletter from of the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento. The first phase of construction, a 2,773 sf half-court basketball and indoor recreation gym, was completed in November 2006. Phase II consists of adding 1,996 sf of office, restrooms, home economics classroom, arts and crafts room and a library.

Thanks to Jason Masty for seeing this project through design and construction.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Architect vs. Engineer

Click image to read.

This is probably one of the funniest Architecture/Engineering pieces I've ever read. Enjoy.

-Eric D.

Sunday Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Ride

Sundays ride started as a beautiful day in the saddle with our morning crisp and clear and full of anticipation. We departed Auburn in the AM and proceeded through Meadow Vista up Placer Hills Road to Colfax. The climbing was sweet, the roads where covered in thorns and our single speed guru Brian L. was determined to suffer through the pain of 13 climbs, four flats and open harassment from his geared companions. The Peloton was well balanced at 6; consisting of Terry continually dancing on his peddles, Kim Hammering all day, Robert regaining his form, Brian our Guru, Brenda our number one Domestique and JB the Director Sportif.
Despite the groups 7 flats we had a great day and look forward to the ride. For the route"> click here.

P.S. - For the betterment of our bicycling group (and future outings with Robert) here are a few translations I picked up.

Robert - The climbs aren't that bad
Translation - 13 leg burning, lung searing climbs

R - The top is just around the corner
T - Four corners later, no top.

R- Once we get to Colfax, it's all downhill on the way back
T - Not so much Downhill as Uphill. Ever hear that story about walking uphill both ways to school?...well, we found that road.


To Quote Greg Tonello...

Check out our very own Greg Tonello in this months California Construction's Top Design Firm's issue.

New Employees (in case you hadn't noticed)

Welcome to the family John, Tom, Mel, Kristi, and Joseph.

Monday humor

Peter's Laws: The Creed of the Sociopathic Obsessive Compulsive

1. If anything can go wrong, Fix it! (To hell with Murphy!)
2. When given a choice -- Take both!
3. Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.
4. Start at the top and work your way up.
5. Do it by the book...but be the author!
6. When forced to compromise, ask for more.
7. If you can't beat them, join them, and then beat them.
8. If it's worth doing, it's got to be done right now.
9. If you can't win, change the rules.
10. If you can't change the rules, ignore them.
11. When faced without a challenge, make one.
12. "No" simply means begin again at the next highest level.
13. Don't walk when you can run.
14. Bureaucracy is a challenge to be conquered with a righteous attitude, an intolerance for stupidity, and bulldozer when necessary.
15. When in doubt: THINK!
16. Patience is a virtue but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.
17. The squeaky wheel gets replaced.
18. The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.

- Beverly

Note from Taylor

Hey Everyone!

Everything is going great down here in SLO. Life is way better when the beach is so close! I haven't had to pull any all-nighters yet out of necessity yet, so that's a plus. Many of you may not remember my schedule if I told you, but I'm in a digital arch class, a shop arch class, my arch studio, English, and physics. I've been surprised at how much free time I have right now, but I'm expecting that to change soon... ? I've heard my studio teacher is more laid back than most; we've only had two projects so far. I almost wish I needed to put all nighters. Anyway, I included my first studio project for all of you to check out. The assignment was to find a picture in a magazine that contained the seven visual cues of architecture.

Outside of school, I've been checking out SLO and the surrounding areas. Surfing, hiking, beach volleyball, mustang football; basically everything SLO has to offer. For all of you Cal Poly Alumni, there have been many recent changes to campus. The architecture department purchased all new studio furniture over the summer! Campus restaurants such as the Light House, the Veranda Cafe, and the Garden Grill are long gone, replaced by 19 Metro Station and Baja Sol. Julian's Coffee has moved to the second floor of the Library and Starbucks is now in its old position adjacent to the bowling alley. Buildings all around campus have been given fresh coats of paint and the new Construction Management building is finally finished for student use.

So much is going on down here, I try to keep you all updated :)


Violators win again

The Violators took the field in the first inning Wednesday night and started off with a shaky start, giving up a couple runs on fielding errors. Then Mr. Brett Billingsley stepped up to the plate and started a very fun night of softball. He hit a sharp line drive to the outfield and made it to second with an outfield not paying attention. Then Ms. Schnee Lopez stepped up and hit her favorite pitches (the ones that are at least two feet over her head) directly into left field, bringing in Brett to get us on the board. As the Violator defense shaped up, (that is, Golden Boy Brian got over the shock of moving over 10 feet to his left at shortstop), The Violators started keeping Guilty Pleasure’s offense to a mild squeak. Then it was the Violator’s turn to crank up the offense. Brian’s redemption song was sung as he circled the bases on an in-the-park, two run, home run, tying us up with Guilty Pleasure. Our self-governing umpire, Ryan Culver decided he was out at first on a force play, even though he wasn’t, proceeding to step off first only to coach first base. Once the Umps figured that one out they rewarded Ryan with a out for his dedication. We capitalized with our famous 2 out rallies which are becoming popular this season. I was lucky to get a hold of a pitch and send a line drive past the second basewoman as the whole right side of the field for Guilty Pleasure seemed clueless as to what to do with a ball hit to them, thus allowing myself an in-the-park, two run, homerun. I would also like to point out that Ms. Toni Mizerek made a great sacrifice for the team as she had a good night of hitting and tweaked her knee on a slide into 3rd after scoring two RBI’s on the hit. We hope she is feeling better and thank her for her contributions. I would also like to thank Beth Sherman for filling in and providing moral support! Thank you to all the Violators for a well played, very fun night of softball.

- Will

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