Monday, May 5, 2008

May is Bike Month - Week 1

Well, Well, Well...
What a kick-off week it was. Here are some highlights:]
· May 1st we saw at least 9 or 10 commuters. And a very nice breakfast provided for us. Thank you!
· Kim Settle’s ride from all accounts was a great success!
· James Engler even got out and rode (If he can do it so can you Naaz!)!
· Williams+Paddon is second on the small Employers leader board.
· Like Big Brown at the Derby we have a dark horse leading the pack! Way to Go Lefholz! Let the records show Mr Lefhoz is leading Mr. Paddon.
· Also let the records also show that with 141 total combined miles the Lefholz combo is ahead of all other couples on the board, even the Jaggers! SMOKIN!!!!

The race is on who will win it all for W+P?

I am noticing some goose eggs on the scoreboard and that not everyone has pledged. We can do better!

- Eric Driever


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