Monday, May 5, 2008

The WP Tour de Lake Natoma

Our MayisBikeMonth Kick-Off Ride & BBQ was a great success! Jim Williams & Rose Cottle took off from my house & did the Roseville Arts! Tour, with Rose encouraging Jim to partake of as much wine as possible at each of the stops on their tour, in hopes of slowing him down on the road, just a bit. Meanwhile, Mark Posnick & Robi Kaseman on their stylie & lightning fast road bikes, Terry Green on his vintage Raleigh (complete with fenders, a rattrap rack on the back, & a cruiser seat), James Engler on his mean green machine , Justin Engler & Ryan Culver on their gnarly mountain bikes, Abbie Lefholz on her new birthday hybrid and Brian on his bright yellow attack machine (loaned by Andrea), Trish, on another flashy & speedy road bike, & Zara Dawson on her sturdy mountain climber and I (on my zippy new hybrid) all met on the American River trail & rolled around Lake Natoma for approximately 2.5 hours.

Later… back at the ranch house, we hydrated ourselves with cold beers & soft drinks & hobbled around on sore muscles while Margie grilled for us. All went well until I discovered I’d forgotten to set out all the trimmings for the burgers. (I was simply mortified!) I brought out the platter, everyone rebuilt what remained of their burger, & it was smooth sailing after that, with lots of talk of past rides, future rides and who is growing what in their garden this year. A great start to what promises to be a fantastic month of riding!

-Kim Settle


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