Monday, May 5, 2008

The Rumble at Woodcreek Golf Course

It was just another typical twilight evening at the golf course for the bi-weekly golf outing; birds chirping, the low muffle of chatter and laughter emanating from the putting green and clubhouse, the sweet smell of grass on a light evening breeze, and good company as always. Yep, Tuesday twilight golf was here again and all those who showed up had been looking forward to playing and especially since it was a different course, Woodcreek. But alas, this would be anything but a normal golf outing. Brett and I had been waiting for Naaz and her son so we could tee off when we let a large gentlemen and his twenty something son go ahead of us since we were waiting. They tee off and fifteen minutes later, no Naaz. So we decide she can catch up and we both tee off. As we make our way up the fairway, fairly happy with both of our shots, we notice the larger man standing next to the cart pacing back and forth writhing and yelling profanities into the air… My drive nailed this guy square in the back. As we walk over to apologize and explain we didn’t see them and it was an accident, they start yelling at us like we were trying to start a fight or hit at them intentionally. The small guy comes up to me as I explain but again starts yelling at me, meanwhile the gentlemen who was hit looks like he’s starting to settle down and regain his composure all the while I’m thinking “am I really going to get in a fight in the middle of a golf course?” Brett then steps in and again says it was an accident. By this time I think they realized that if we were to throw down they would be at a disadvantage with only one healthy person, so they continued on their way all the while glaring back at us… and then Naaz shows up.



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