Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Color of Butter

True or False - EP. 1:
For those of you who know me, you will know the answer… for the rest of you, take a guess as to whether the following is true or not true!

My wife, Gretchen (OMG, a male interior designer with a wife?!) is a hairstylist, and we cannot agree on paint color (or any color for that matter) for our house. For the first 5 years of us living in Land Park, we kept the original wall color because there could be no compromise between us. I mean, I do this for a living and she… well, she cuts hair! I tried that line and got in trouble… so then I conceded (you know why) when she wanted to paint the bedroom a “butter” color. So, me with my listening skills, went to Home Deport and picked out a “butter” color and proceeded to paint the bedroom…

Apparently, our idea of “butter” does not match. I mean was it “butter out of the fridge” or “butter in a hot pan”… COME ON!!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I get home and there is a package waiting for me from some internet (air quotes) Laura Ashley place. Inside it is a bedspread, pillow cases and drapery (Gretchen loves this stuff)… [Note: Picture the disbelief on my face as I look at all this stuff.] I mean, I am the professional, right?!  I would want to consult my soul mate/ life partner/ father of my children (no wait, I am the father of her children) on what color all the fabric in OUR BEDROOM will be…RIGHT?! 

So it has come to this: she picks, she buys, and then she tells me where to put it… kind of like my clients. J

True, or not true?


Does she let you cut her hair? That could be good Brett!

Brett, add some salmon, garlic and parsley to that butter and I will be over to help.

I've been in construction for over 30 years. My wife (Nurse) still tries to answer construction related questions from our grandkids (used to be from our kids)without consulting me.

YEAH . . .
I'm going with true!!

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