Thursday, December 6, 2012

Festival Spotlight: VISIONARY: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Guest Writter: Susan Rainier, AIA, Senior Project Manager at UC Davis Design and Construction Management
One of the highlights of the inaugural Architecture Festival was a presentation on October 19, with Kai-Uwe Bergman, a principal architect with Bjarke Ingels Group of Denmark.

Kai gave a riveting full spectrum presentation (680+ slides!) highlighting their firm’s remarkably innovative and inspirational designs, not only in Architecture but also Urban Planning, Social Integration, and Sustainability.

Bjarke Ingels says, “Architecture evolves from the collision of political, economical, functional, logistical, cultural, structural, environmental and social interest, and well as interests yet unnamed and unforeseen—how to tell such a complex story in a simple way?”

This is the strength of the firm’s leader, Bjarke Ingels, and the culture of his firm.  Bjarke is a master storyteller and, as Kai explained, he is also the “Master of Ceremonies” or “Ring Leader” of the firm.  He has a talent in inspiring others to keep their minds open and look at things from many points of view, and then guide unbridled creativity. BIG has become a leader in world architecture winning multiple competitions and commissions with their masterful showmanship in presentation, “outside the box” designs and their “Architectural Evolution – An Ecosystem of Ideas” philosophy.

Those involved in the planning of the program, as well as attendees, felt very fortunate to have BIG present here in Sacramento and believe it will engender exciting conversations for a very long time. After all, who else would put a bike path to the 10th floor of a residential building and then say “it’s a lot more fun coming back down?” BIG.

Our thanks to Williams + Paddon for supporting this event as a sponsor!

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