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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hard Hat and Heels

Sacred Heart Parish School presented their 3rd annual Spring fundraising event “Hard Hat & Heels” last Saturday.
Williams + Paddon was one of many sponsors for the event that helped raise money for the new Sacred Heart Elementary School. The event included a delicious barbeque (provided by Ludy’s BBQ); games i.e. roulette wheel, poker, basketball; a silent and live auction and dancing to the music provided by a DJ. With all the high bidding on live auction items, which included several artistically handmade items by the students of Sacred Heart, there was no doubt this fundraiser was a success.
I was hoping to win the bid for a beautifully hand painted set of Adirondack chairs, but I was immediately outbid by several hundred dollars. Starting bid was $200.00. My guess is the winning bid went to a parent of one of the students who helped paint the chairs.

- Rose

Annual Principal’s Breakfast……..Awesome Teamwork!

Many thanks for the delicious breakfast prepared last Thursday, by our fabulous leadership - Jim, Jack, Terry, Paul, Greg and Naaz. Even with the setback of blowing a fuse or two they managed to cook up a tasty grand slam breakfast (complete with fresh fruit, juice and hot coffee) for 40+ hungry W+P employees. They did it all without breaking a sweat…..gotta love that teamwork and dedication. That’s why we think they are awesome!
- Rose

Downtown Roseville Specific Plan

Last night several of us attended the Mayor’s Reception at the Tower Theater where they presented the completed Downtown Roseville Specific Plan. The City is extremely proud of the work, and gave praise to W+P (and others) for our role in its development. They particularly recognized Paul Walsh and Jeff Navarro, whose graphics were prominently displayed, including a fly around on the big screen behind the presenters.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this project and particularly to Paul and to Jeff for representing W+P so well.
- Jim

1/2 Day Friday BBQ

cold beverages
Were getting the band back together
Jessica about to get wet

James afraid of a little water balloon...


Grill Masters

Last Friday was our first official all office half day. Which of course meant that we had to celebrate. Thanks to Amber and Jessica for grilling the dogs, Joey for setting up Rock Band, and all those who showed up to have a little fun. The water balloon toss started harmlessly enough but ended in a full on water balloon fight (imagine that!). For those still in the office as rock band was going...I'm sorry. When you combine my horrible drum playing, with Jeff's of key lead guitar and Tom's spot on impersonation of a horrible bass player you have a recipe for disaster. All in all it was a fun afternoon. Look for future events to be planned in the near future!
- Brian L.

crazy architecture

- Brian L.

quote of the week

In context of a weight loss discussion...

"Maybe I should stop drinking beer" - Eric
"I'd rather be fat" - Trish

IIDA Tour - Citizen Hotel

New Hotel Suite
Original Roof Detail
Original Ceiling in Entry
Last Thursday, IIDA arranged a tour of The Citizen Hotel. Our speakers for the evening were Kipp Blewett, the developer and Brendon Koon of Vitae, the Architect on record. They explained how the project came to be and the many trials and tribulations of the process. We then got to tour three of the guest rooms, including the ‘presidential suite’. Keep in mind, this is a Boutique Hotel – which equates to charming, eclectic and cozy. The building itself has few original pieces intact – one area being the original marble staircase and in the entry, the ceiling. Overall, IIDA had 20 students attend, as well as 20 professionals – a great turn out!

Outside the Box 2

Linda Green
Terry Green

Title: Landscape Rhythm

Rhythms occur in the environments we live in. We sometimes ignore the beauty in rhythmic patterns that comes from sound, movement & landscapes. The box contains a slice of a familiar rhythm known in California : Mountains, Valley, Mountains, Ocean.

"Outside the Box 2" is an open invitation fundraiser to regional artists and community members. In conjunction with local celebrity participants, "Outside the Box 2" is a celebration of the imagination benefitting PlacerArts. On April 1, 80 boxes returned from their two month transformation to The Arts Building Gallery. The results are a must-see! From now until May 2, we encourage people to visit the boxes and add their bids to the silent auction. On Saturday, May 2, the boxes will come to life through the quick-talking tongue of local, professional live auctioneer Dan Macon. The final hour of silent auction will begin at 7 pm, with the closing price of the silent auction opening the live portion starting promptly at 8 pm. Don’t miss this exciting night at The Arts Building! For more information, visit, or (530) 885-5670.

- Terry

Monday, April 20, 2009

How I Spent My last Friday Off - Mary

Briefly: we went from our house (basically Folsom) to Auburn, up 49 to Grass Valley, across 20 to Yuba City, ate breakfast, continued on 20 to Williams, decided to go to Clearlake, ended up going around the lake, back to 16 through the Rumsey Gorge/Capay Valley to Esparto. Drinks at Rose’s Island, then down to Davis, where we ran into a serious traffic jam on 80. Tried to skirt it south, didn’t work, ended up going back to Woodland via farm roads, down 5 to 80, to Roseville to home. Whew. 360 miles. 14 hours out.
- Mary

How I Spent My last Friday Off - Jeff and Kim

“I’d like to thank the Academy…”

Kim and I decided to take advantage of our last extended weekend by spending some quality time in City by the Bay, San Francisco. We had heard great things about the new Academy of Science building in Golden Gate Park by Renzo Piano so we said to ourselves, “hey, it would be easier to visit the museum on a weekday with small crowds rather than on a Saturday,” not realizing some schools are on spring break. The place was a mad house; the building was filled to capacity, you literally had to park miles and miles away since you couldn’t drive anywhere near the museum, and to top it off you could only enter as people left which meant you may or may not get in before closing due to a quarter mile long line that was wrapping around the plaza. Deciding to come back first thing the next morning, we did finally get into the museum.

I had visited the original museum as a youngling but couldn’t remember much more than the fact I was starving most of that day because I had forgotten my lunch box on the bus. I thought the museum was well conceived with an undulating green roof carrying into the major space with two large contrasting spheres flanking an open courtyard. The major theme throughout the museum was the environment and how humans have negatively impacted certain ecosystems and climates and what we can do to help. There was a great rain forest exhibit which was a 3-story glass panel sphere which contained a mini rain forest ecosystem inside which you can walk around in with birds, butterflies, ants, frogs, fish and rain forest vegetation. Many of the exhibits and displays throughout are interactive which really got the kids involved. One of the most interesting sites, for me at least, was the large rolling green roof covered with indigenous plants which you can go to the roof and see.

In the end it was a lot of fun, even with the crowds. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to educate themselves or their children about natural sciences and environmental issues facing society… and get there early!

- Jeff and Kim

How I Spent My last Friday Off - Brian

I've lived in Sacramento for almost 2 years now and still have not been to SF to see the sights. So, I took advantage of the last Friday off and heading to "The City" as people call it. The day was beautiful and sunny and the city was in full swing. First thing on the list was MOMA. How disappointing! The building was less than impressive from the outside and that theme continued once inside. I'll spare you the hours it would take deconstructing my thoughts on the building but let's just say it takes the honor of worst art museum I've ever experienced. The art on the other hand was top notch as would be expected. From there it was off to explore the city. I have no idea how I got anywhere but somehow ended up in Little Italy for some delicious pizza. Then it was up, way up, to Telegraph Hill and back down to chill in a little park with the locals. It was a fitting end to the last day of a short lived but much appreciated 4 day work week.

Before - full glass, whole pizza
After - empty glass, no more pizza
-Brian L.

How I Spent My last Friday Off - Trish

I spent the day bonding with my 88 year old mother. Pedicures, lunch and shopping… You’re never too old to have a mother/daughter dream day.
- Trish

Tip Jar

Given the rough economy, some in the office have resorted to tip jars placed at their desk. These two people would be Erik and John. So, if you're in the neighborhood and feel as though these two gentleman have done a good job, leave a tip. They will only accept pennies though. All other denominations can be left in Brian and Jeff's tip jar.

- Brian and Jeff

1/2 Friday's...Let the Fun Begin!

A group of enthusiastic young trouble makers from the WPYP group decided it was about time we had some fun together. So, we're having a BBQ... Hot Dogs, Chips, and Lemonade to be provided along with a water balloon toss and bean bag game. Is there any better way to celebrate summer and a 1/2 day off with cheap BBQ food and grade school games? I didn't think so.

Future ½ Friday Celebrations could include kick ball, dodge ball, Frisbee, flag football, Wii Bowling Tournament, Rock Band, real bowling, trampoline room, mini golf, etc….you get the drift.

- WPYP's

UDA Design Dialogue

The Design Dialogue Series is a joint venture between the UDA (Urban Design Alliance) and the AIA Central Valley.

This months topic is Catalyst Developments and will consist of a panel discussion and a facilitated question & answer session. Panelists Ron Vrilakas along with Michael Malinowski, will briefly discuss their experiences in creating some of Sacramento's most recognized infill developments. City of Sacramento Infill Coordinator Desmond Parrington will also be on hand to shed some light on Sacramento's plans for future infill and some of the challenges architects and developers are facing. A dialogue between attendees and panelists will follow to discuss the influence development has had on Sacramento's urban neighborhoods.

- Ron Vrilakas, Principal, Vrilakas Architects
- Michael Malinowski, Principal, Applied Architecture Inc.
- Desmond Parrington, Infill Coordinator, City of Sacramento

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Location: AIACV Gallery - Enter on 14th Street

- Brian L.

Extreme Riding

Summer 2003...
Previously unpublished photo of John Neff doing 186mph in his skivvies at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
John, good you made this run before you joined W+P ‘cause I think this might be a Page 13 violation!

- Jack

New DeWalt Nail Gun

This is a must for anyone interested in building things really fast. The new nail gun, made by Dewalt can drive a 16D nail through a 2 X 4 at 200 yards. This makes construction a breeze, you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.

- Eric

WP Garage Sale - Coming Soon!

Finally… the answer to what do to with all that stuff!!! Click on the image for more details.
- Andrea, Amber and Kim S.

SMUD's E-Waste Collection

- Andrea

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate by doing something kind for Mother Earth. Plant a tree, ride or walk to work, turn your TV off and read a book, or just enjoy the outdoors.
-Brian L.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Only 2 Weeks Left!

With two weeks left in the 2nd annual biggest loser competition we've got a 3-way battle for top honors. As of last week, Mel was in the lead followed closely by Anda and Joseph. All three are separated by less than a 1/2 percent. We've got two weeks left so I'm encouraging all of you to bring cakes, cookies, donuts, bagels, and any other sugar loaded treats to tempt all those who are ahead of me (Brian) in the competition.
Brian L.


On Saturday May 16th I will proudly lead the Second Annual B. Lefholz Memorial Near-Death Ride. By long standing tradition, the SABLMNDR will be advertised as a leisurely ride. And also by tradition, the ride will be officially over when Brian is declared “near-death” from heat exhaustion and muscle fatigue. Brian has been in intensive training for the last several months so it is estimated that this year’s SABLMNDR will be over for Brian somewhere between 80 – 100 miles.

Don’t tell Brian, but for the rest of us, this ride will be a pleasant morning ride. I will plan the route depending on who signs up. I’m thinking we will use Lake Natoma as a base. If we have kids riding with their parents, you can navigate some great sections of the bike trail on the east side of the lake that could be a 2- 10 mile round trip. Some may want to circumnavigate Lake Natoma for 10-12 miles of riding. And the diehards can make a run down to Sunrise and/or up to Beal’s to grab 25-30 miles or so. The May-is- Bike-Month fanatics can get their extra miles in by riding to Lake Natoma from home. We will plan a picnic lunch at the Lake Natoma Aquatic Park. After lunch we could rent kayaks of stand-up-paddle boards if anyone is interested.

- Jack

quotes of the week

"Friends, I have not written down the half of those things I saw"
- Marco Polo's dying words

"Where you see a wall, I see a door"
- Jim Morrison

"If you wait for someone to tell you how to do something you'll always be behind"
- ?

Start Walking!

Join Americans across the country on April 8, 2009 for National Start! Walking Day and wear your sneakers to work.Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. and physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease. Start walking at work and start reducing your risk.Let this be your first move toward adopting a heart-healthy work style.You could gain two hours of life expectancy for every one hour of regular, vigorous exercise. So lace up your sneakers and make a pledge to live a longer, healthier life.

- Cigi

SRCSD nears completion

You’ve probably heard the SRCSD (Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District) team talk about the project over the last 18 - 20 months. I realized that we’ve not always done a good job with showing off the project, so, for those of you who are interested…here are some photos.

We are still anxiously awaiting the installation of the terra cotta (it is what is missing between the storefront frame on the concrete end wall in the last picture), but they started installation of the stainless steel lobby stair and guard rail today.

The project is currently scheduled for completion in late summer.

- Regina

if computers could talk...

- Brian L.

Monday, April 6, 2009

700 miles on a bike...

...ok, a motorcycle but 700 miles none the less!
Jeff’s 50th birthday was on Friday. He decided that he didn’t want any sort of party, just to take a motorcycle trip. We decided to base camp out of his brother’s in Valley Springs. Three nights there and we never saw each other, as he works swing shift and worked all weekend.

Friday the weather was supposed to be windy, so we decided to try to leave early, 8ish, and just see how the day went and not go too far. We ended taking an beautiful road across the ridgeline between Sonora and Columbia. Had a drink in the Saloon in Columbia and decided to head for base camp. Good thing too, after stopping for groceries in Angel’s Camp we hit wind gusts of probably 40-50 mph. Riding on a straight road and tilted at a 20 degree angle to keep on the road at 65 mph was a thrill I could do without.

Saturday’s trip was from base camp to Angel’s Camp for breakfast, then down 49 to Mariposa. On the way down we stopped at Chinese Camp. The site of the first Chinese Tong War in the state was fought here. ( There are still a few old buildings in the town, though not much else. We then went over the summit between Chinese Camp and Coulterville. Absolutely stunning views, especially from the top looking down where you’d just been. We continued through Mariposa, Hornitos, Knights Ferry to base camp.
All in all it was a great weekend of riding. The Sierra foothills are fabulous this time of year. Everything is so green and the wildflowers are a riot of color. We did over 700 miles, ate great food and had a wonderful time.
- Mary

Art in the Garden

I would like to get a group together for this event-better than just an ordinary ride because we get to combine it with visiting beautiful gardens, seeing nice local art, and sampling food and wines while listening to music. If we get a group of ten we get discounted tickets ($30 instead of the normal $35). There are different combination routes up to 16 miles all in the Granite Bay area (you fanatics can add extra to ride off the food and wine). This is a fundraiser for Roseville Arts, one of W+P’s major charities. They will even have “valet parking” for the bikes.

I’d like to get a count of who would like to join me, so let me know. The Homes are open from 10 am to 4 pm.

- Jim

quotes of the week

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
– Herbert Spencer

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
-Albert Einstein

- Stephen

April Fool's Day

April Fools came and went without much commotion this year. There were a few attempts at humor...some successful and some, well...thanks for trying.

First, to the individual who tried to prank me by hiding my bike in the interiors library...come one. We're professionals, not 4th graders. I expected more...

Second, A rogue group of three individuals were able to keep James away from his patented green pens for a few hours by hanging them just out of reach.

Third, John Neff attempted to fool the entire office...and would have if his planning had been better. It seems no one could read the "April fools" on the door in the image that went along with the message below. Maybe next year John.

Per 2007 CBC 1115B.6.4 for multiple accommodation toilet facilities, install ADA signage (including Braille) on center of each door to an accessible water closet compartment. Mounting at 60” above finish floor. If door swings out, mounting will be on adjacent toilet partition wall as to not allow Braille reader to be struck if door opens. Additional signage to be mounted directly below this signage similar to Accessible parking signage stating “minimum fine $250” for people caught using stall without disabilities. Don’t know how they plan to enforce this, probably the “parking police” I guess. See diagram below for proper layout.

Finally, I'll end with a blast from April fools past. Naaz's special VIP parking stall.

- Brian L.

Sacramento SPCA

A few weeks ago Dan and I attended the Sacramento SPCA charity event. Williams + Paddon teamed with Sierra View Construction to create two dog houses to be auctioned off at the SPCA's annual fundraiser.

Dan took control of the medium (more like large) boy dog house...(as anyone who knows Dan knows how much he loves his big dogs Harley and Riley). Designed as a rustic barn complete with raised flannel bed, work bench, operable windows, sliding barn door, deck, and a framed picture of his mates playing poker.

I volunteered to lead the small dog house...(as anyone who knows me knows i love my little girl shih tzu Eames). It's a super modern, clean design complete with two tone pink (Victoria's Secret colors to be exact), pink pillows, toys, an outfit for every season, recessed dog bowls, open windows and a deck for lounging. It was originally designed with a walk in closet and toy chest but that was VE'd out of the final design.

Much thanks to Autumn Heacox (who made the interiors come to life) and Ryan Bricker (builder of fine dog houses) at Sierra View and their team for making this come together. Lots of long hours but in the end we helped raise nearly $2,000!
-Brian L

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