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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color of the Year

As any company with good brand management in mind,
we ask ourselves the following on a regular basis:

Is our brand effective?
Is it relevant?
Does it accurately represent us?

In the ever evolving world of Architecture and Design, we find ourselves continuously pulling from our surroundings, our experiences, and most importantly- the current trends, in order to answer these fundamental questions. Not only does our brand represent us as a business and the individuals within, but also as a knowlegable and fully integrated entity within the design community as a whole. That's why this year we were excited for Pantone's announcement of Color of the Year. It goes without saying, I personally view Pantone as a susbtaintial contributor, innovator and knowledge hub for design- not just graphics, but architecture, fashion, publishing, cinema, textiles, manufacturing... I could go on and on. They not only are the international authority for color systems, they basically paved the way for modern printing (and let’s face it, even in this age of online media, expression through printed media will forever live on). Their ahead-of-the-curve thinking from the 1950's has translated into contemporary day design communication. That's right- we communicate through color. We feel through color. We live through color.

And what is this year’s color?
Drum-roll, please!

Introducing “Tangerine Tango”, better known as “17-1463”. An oh-so perfect blend of C, M, Y, and K- this beauty conjures up emotions of energy, spirit, moxie, and well… fun! Forgive me for my analogy, but Tangerine Tango is like what any woman would want from a GREAT man (like I said, I apologize). It gives off an innate aura of adventure, vigor, and electricity… drawing you in with the radiance of its spicy magnetic hue. On the flip, it provides a certain comfort, sophistication, and versatility of friendship, as it blankets you with its warmth. Best of both worlds ladies? --- I think so

In regards to W+P, there is an ever-present discussion surrounding the choice, and continued use of our signature company color. “Is it red? Is it orange? It’s rorange!” – as our mantra goes. Let this help settle the debate once and for all (well, maybe just for 2012).

YES- our color is relevant
YES- our color is up-to-date
YES- our color is “us”

So, the next time our color is called into question, or I’m asked “Why still the roange?” I’m going to default to….

Because Pantone said so.Happy Coloring~

Want to know more about Pantone and their colors? Check out thier official site @ AND PLEASE watch their quick video @, and like them on Facebook while you're there!

Interested in the psychology of color?
Read Faber Birren’s book, Color Psychology and Color Therapy: A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life --- it’s a must read for you designers out there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holiday Greetings

Once again, we have out-done ourselves!
Us W+P'ers take much pride in our annual holiday cards. Not only do we have WAY too much fun making them, but we are known throughout the area for supplying a little extra holiday cheer (and humor) in each envelope.
This year, our marketing committee combined the festivity of the season, with the spirit of our 30th anniversary. What better way to get some good shots than throwing a mock-cocktail party all week at the office? We sure clean up pretty nice, huh?

A special thanks to…
-Our Jill of all trades, Lauren: for shooting, editing, and composing the card (that's right, we do this all in house!)
-San Juan High School’s Advanced Shop students: for crafting the “30” cutouts!
See what these amazing kids are doing @
-Tammy and Brian at Master Color Printing: for the high quality finishing! Check them out on @ or at their blog @

Now, for a closer look at all our beautiful peeps...

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