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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

W+P Awarded Placer County Contract

Williams + Paddon Selected as Placer
County's Accessibility Expert Consultant:
Williams + Paddon was recently selected by Placer County to perform new ADA surveys of over 70 County facilities.  The work includes re-inspection of all facilities located throughout Placer County, assistance with the County's survey work, and documentation and drawing production for the County's ADA Title II Transition Plan, which is required by the Federal government for all public agencies. The project will be led by Associate Principal Mark Posnick, AIA, CASp, a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and an ICC Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner with over 30 years of related experience. He is supported by a solid staff of architects and project managers with comprehensive accessibility experience.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Color of Butter

True or False - EP. 1:
For those of you who know me, you will know the answer… for the rest of you, take a guess as to whether the following is true or not true!

My wife, Gretchen (OMG, a male interior designer with a wife?!) is a hairstylist, and we cannot agree on paint color (or any color for that matter) for our house. For the first 5 years of us living in Land Park, we kept the original wall color because there could be no compromise between us. I mean, I do this for a living and she… well, she cuts hair! I tried that line and got in trouble… so then I conceded (you know why) when she wanted to paint the bedroom a “butter” color. So, me with my listening skills, went to Home Deport and picked out a “butter” color and proceeded to paint the bedroom…

Apparently, our idea of “butter” does not match. I mean was it “butter out of the fridge” or “butter in a hot pan”… COME ON!!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I get home and there is a package waiting for me from some internet (air quotes) Laura Ashley place. Inside it is a bedspread, pillow cases and drapery (Gretchen loves this stuff)… [Note: Picture the disbelief on my face as I look at all this stuff.] I mean, I am the professional, right?!  I would want to consult my soul mate/ life partner/ father of my children (no wait, I am the father of her children) on what color all the fabric in OUR BEDROOM will be…RIGHT?! 

So it has come to this: she picks, she buys, and then she tells me where to put it… kind of like my clients. J

True, or not true?

SureWest - Back to Vernon Street

W+P Helps SureWest Make The Transition Downtown:
As you may have seen in the Sacramento Business Journal's ARTICLE last week, Roseville based SureWest  announced last Friday that they will be moving from their current Industrial Avenue location to 200 Vernon Street. The move ties back to the acquisition of the company by Consolidated Communications earlier this year.

Williams+Paddon has worked with SureWest on multiple projects throughout their corporate campus over the past few decades. Most recently, W+P provided pre-design services in preparation for this move. Interior renovations include customer service areas, employee break room and lounge, business office reception areas, on top of general improvements throughout the building. An additional visioning excercise focused on outside spaces surrouding the building, including a company courtyard and potential exterior facade upgrades.

“As we began planning the move from the Industrial Campus to the Vernon Street property, we were able to leverage our longstanding relationship with Williams + Paddon. Their team came up with a design that was both innovative and financially practical. Their vision keeps the history and character of the building intact, while enhancing and modernizing the space with creative and functional design. With their help, we’ve been able to get our employees excited and feeling good about the move to Downtown Roseville, and our shareholders will appreciate the cost-conscious approach,” stated John ApostolesSureWest Director of Central Services.

Williams+Paddon feels privileged to be working with such a great client once again, and to be a part of revitalizing this landmark building. We hope we can help bring new life to Downtown Roseville!

W+P Awarded CSU-Chico Renewal Contract

Campus Consulting Architects - California State University, Chico:
Williams + Paddon is proud to have recently been selected as California State University, Chico’s Campus Consulting Architects for the third consecutive year! Proposal and interview evaluations led the University’s campus selection committee to award this contract to W+P in conjunction with DLR Group. Over the past two years, the W+P team has served in this capacity and developed a deep understanding of the University’s Programs, Priorities & Campus Standards. We are privileged to have worked on several significant projects on campus, including the following:
Student Services Plaza and Stage
The overall design inspiration for the project draws on the busiest pedestrian intersections at the point where the First Street Promenade crosses the Meriam breezeway. Emphasizing this ‘node’ is the formation of the circular geometry, which becomes the heart of the plaza. The focal point of the node is the event stage located on the centerline of the breezeway. The geometry of the plaza is further reinforced by a number of additional elements. The Marketplace terrace of the Bell Memorial Union extends to embrace the stage from the east, providing additional sitting, eating and viewing areas. The westerly edge is bordered by the extension to the existing bioswale and new Sequoia grove. To the south, the existing Sequoia grove grows into the plaza, reinforcing the transition between the courtyard of the Student Services Building and the plaza.
First Street Promenade
This project entailed the renovation of the First Street corridor between Bell Memorial Union and Salem Street, extending into the lawn in front of Trinity Hall and down Normal and Chestnut Streets to Second Street. The existing areas did not provide a sense of pedestrian scale, or opportunity for gathering and seating areas within a shaded setting. W+P’s design continues the cadence of landscape, pedestrian luminaires, site furnishings and hardscape developed by W+P at the adjacent Student Services Center Plaza. These improvements combine to create a more humble, human scale to the pedestrian movements through the campus. Additionally, comprehensive utility upgrades including the provision for future utility needs for future campus building projects.
University Police Department Building and Normal Avenue Parking Facility
This 360-stall mixed use facility fits appropriately into the Downtown Chico context. The 8,300 SF “storefront” University Police Department will be visible and accessible to both students and local residents. The vastly expanded facility serves as the central nerve station of the University, providing all emergency functions including 911 emergency dispatch and continuous monitoring of the security, communications and intrusion alarm systems for the University. Additionally, it serves as the Emergency Operations Center and provides a critical linkage to local and statewide authorities.
The Normal Avenue Parking Structure provides parking density at one of the major portals to campus and incorporates pedestrian plazas on Second Street to accommodate flow between the residential neighborhoods to the south, the immediately adjacent transit hub to the east, and the University campus to the north. It is also accessible from the University's Performing Arts Center, serving as pre-function space for Performing Arts patrons, as well as a convenient gathering space for ride sharing.


Shifting Trends in Country Club Development

Serrano Country Club Renovation:
In an economy that continues to be challenging, new golf course developments are few and far between, and existing clubs have been focused on keeping membership values up while economically maintaining current facilities. Historically, golf club memberships benefited only a few members of a family—the golfers. As the needs of members and their families change over time, it is becoming increasingly important for clubs to meet the needs of ALL family members. There is a growing trend among existing clubs to renovate current facilities to address this, adding value to the amenities offered.

Forward thinking clubs are proactively responding to the changing needs of their membership. One such club is Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills, CA. After several community surveys to accurately assess membership needs, Serrano Country Club contracted Williams + Paddon to design and develop a +/- 3,750 SF expansion of its fitness pool & facility as well as many ADA and fire & life safety upgrades. W+P has designed several award winning clubhouses throughout the Western United States and internationally.

The renovation will include a new +/- 3,000 SF open fitness room with cardio, free-motion machine and free weights, a group fitness room able to host anything from spin classes to yoga, renovated shower and restroom facilities, a new multi-purpose game room, expanded dining facilities and an additional two tennis courts (bringing the total to four) which will enable the club to host tennis tournaments. The expansion is currently out to bid and expected to start construction before the end of the year. The facility is planned to reopen before Summer 2013.

LEED CareerGPS 2012

W+P Brings Technology to Sacramento Area Students:
Can you imagine over 6,000 high school students at CalExpo exploring career possibilities in areas as diverse as healthcare and construction? That’s CareerGPS, the largest career fair in California presented by LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development), which is held this year on October 10 and 11. For two days, over 150 exhibitors go all out providing access to real world experiences with things like heavy machinery and CPR mannequins. The hands-on experience brings excitement to each student, initiating or strengthening interest in their career potential. 
W+P brought back our exhibit featuring the computer program, Sketch-Up, used to create 3D modeling, which has enticed many youngsters to the world of architecture and design. “It’s a great way to showcase one of the fun sides of what we do as designers. The program provides them with a quick and easy way to visualize their ideas,” says Lauren Spear, W+P Graphic Designer. W+P then provides the students with directions to access and download the program for free at home. Lauren continues, “The kids are so drawn to the technological side of things these days. You would be amazed how quickly they pick up the program in just a matter of minutes. That's what is exciting to them... the instant product."

By providing this venue for employers and students to engage in a meaningful way, LEED furthers its goal of connecting industry leaders and educational resources to develop a regional workforce with relevant skills needed now and in the future.

“Sounds easy enough, but since I’ve been on LEED’s Board, I have discovered that the worlds of education and business are very different—with different languages and metrics,” says Naaz Alikhan, W+P Principal. “Having LEED facilitate dialog and action is essential to create a positive outcome. CareerGPS is very much a means to that end.”


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jack's Urban Eats Opens

Come see W+P Designs @ the Fountains:
The eighth location of Midtown eatery Jack’s Urban Eats, designed by Williams + Paddon, recently opened at the Fountains in Roseville, CA, this September. The interior of the 2,655 SF restaurant incorporates high open ceilings, vibrant beach-inspired colors, and “do-it-yourself” pallet lights, with both banquet and high top seating in the dining room, and access to the outdoor patio.

W+P continues to work with Jack’s Urban Eats as the California-style cafeteria restaurant moves into the high profile 4,093 SF corner space a few doors down from its current location at Loehmann’s Plaza in Sacramento, CA, and as it opens a brand new 3,685 SF location at the Marketplace in Davis, CA.

As with the previous Loehmann’s Plaza space, the theme combines a California road trip, a stop at the beach, and a hip downtown loft through the use of reclaimed wood, pallet lights, high ceilings and beautiful colors. The Davis location also features a “library space” and bicycle-themed lights.


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