Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Page 13 Violators share 1st place for the 1st time!

The Violators took the field on Friday night with a gleam in their eye and a hunger for first place in their bellies, for a few others it was more like a belly full of beer! We quickly took the lead in the first with four runs as the Ball Busters’ pitcher was having a hard time throwing strikes, and whatever strike he did pitch we “put it where they ain’t”. With a solid lead under our feet, our defense stepped up again and put down our first place rivals with only a few hits to their credit. The Page 13 Violators won in a commanding fashion by a score of 8-2. We had a great round of hitting by all, highlighted by Matt Rudolph, Brian Lefholz, Ryan Culver, & Elsa Gomez. Another highlight was watching Ryan “get on his horse” and safely outrun a couple infield hits. Who’ve thought he could be a rice burner? Thank you to Bev Lund and Rose Cottle for coming out to support us and take some team photos. We hope to see more of our W+P family out to enjoy our winning season. Stay tuned as our next game is against Vertigoz on Friday May 30th. There will be no games this week due to Memorial Weekend.

-Coach Sandusky


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