Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AIA Convention '08 - Boston

Convention 2008 can be summed up in two words: Green BIM (ok, so it’s one word and one abbreviation). While many of the seminars were hit and miss, the exposure to the latest in technology was a good eye opener. The world of professional services is moving rapidly into the world of Building Information Modeling and Integrated Project Delivery. We learned some great things about on-line sources that can assist in conceptual energy performance modeling through linkages to Revit, conflict analysis on 3-d models, and linkages to help facilitate LEED compliance.
We also learned that the profession in on aggressive path beyond LEED to “Regenerative architecture” and that the Architecture 2030 Initiative (http://www.architecture2030.org/) is leading the way in reducing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels.
And then there is Boston – a charming mix of incredibly historic buildings and places and trend setting new architecture, some of it like the sixty’s era Boston City Hall fueling debate in our small W+P delegation. The current Mayor of Boston wants to tear it down, which is what they did to their cross town freeway (aka “The Big Dig”) which was a great improvement to the waterfront, market place and historic State Street area.
Finally the good news is that we pretty much missed the mini heat wave here. Boston was a lot like early March around here – tulips, dogwoods blooming, and long sleeves and sweaters.



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