Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mayhem at Maidu

At noon on Friday, 16 members of the office changed into their cycling apparel, strapped on a helmet, and hopped on a bike for a quick one mile ride over to Maidu Park for a City of Roseville sponsored “picnic in the park”. It was interesting to see how quickly serious workers transitioned into a bunch of crazy kids on recess. Some people literally seemed as though they were recalling the joys of forgotten childhoods zipping all over the park in every direction like kid who has just gotten his training wheels off. Unfortunately the lack of parental supervision combined with abundance of youthful enthusiasm led to a regrettable collision. As many of you know Jack cut off Robi…Or Robi was following too close while going too fast…In either case a valuable lesson was learned. They managed to wreck right in front of the children’s playground teaching all of the kids the valuable lesson why they should wear their helmets. Way to step up Jack and Robi! After the accident, reality quickly set back in on the rest of us. After lunch we “maturely” rode back to office to finish out the week, but the I think I speak for all involved (except for maybe Jack and Robi) that the work was easier, the stress was lower, and the sky was bluer after our lunch time bike ride.



Great write up Tye! I do have to add... since none of you actually 'witnessed' the accident... that you were all spared the shrill like scream of "jack!!!" as robi went down like a felled tree. Be glad you weren't there!!

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