Wednesday, May 28, 2008

W+P Three Wheeled Races

Look at that'd think this was the Indy 500.

Team WP sporting our hot jerseys.

Nothing says fun like the founding principle of the company having a blast on a tricycle.

Tye Brown with the pedal down
Cigi and Anda playing bumper cars with their trikes.
To celebrate our halfway mark through Million Mile May, the employees of Williams + Paddon participated in the first annual Big Wheel and Tricycle Races. I ask you, who doesn't want to break from the monotony of starring at a computer for some fun in the sun? That's right, it was recess time! As we headed out to our trikes, a grand crowd was forming to witness this band of uncoordinated folks attempt to pedal a 4 year old's toy. Needless to say we looked more than a little ridiculous, came home with a few new bruises, and had a ton of fun along the way. We even contributed to our Bike Month tally by logging a total of 1.25 +/- miles that afternoon...that's a lot of pedaling on a tricycle!



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