Monday, May 5, 2008

Roseville Arts – Home & Art Show Tour

Last Saturday couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a bike ride. For some of us at W+P who wanted to get those biking miles in before the month of May slips away, Saturday was indeed a gift for all of us. A group of us joined forces and headed out in one direction, and two of us decided to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak). Why not get the biking mileage and exercise in while enjoying the Roseville Arts - Home & Art Showcase tour? The tour featured some of Roseville’s most luxurious homes and hosted several local artists who displayed their beautiful works of art. We were also treated to some tasty appetizers, desserts and fine wine at most locations. Several local caterers and restaurants were well represented. So, as we headed back to our starting point, with joints beginning to stiffen, I felt no regrets, because after all , I probably chalked up a good 10 miles.



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