Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Death Ride

Look at those smiles...little did we know what was in store for us as the day progressed...


Even Jack couldn't survive his own ride...
I think I'm either sleeping or passed out...probably passed out!

The story begins with a mid week invitation from Jack for a leisurely ride of a mere 20 miles around Lake Natoma. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Oh, that sounds wonderfully delightful”…ha, I laugh at your naiveness. Then he suggests we tackle Beals Point thus making the ride 43 miles…longer but still manageable. Due to a lack of interest (just Jack, Nancy, and myself) he got the bright idea to ride from Old Town Sac. to Beals Point and back. Now the miles were totaling around 63…at this point I’m questioning my sanity. When you add in the side trips the odometer totaled 80 miles! No that’s not a typo…oh how I wish it were. We actually rode 80 miles in 100+ degree heat. Are we insane…YES. Was this smart…NO. Would we do it again…in the famous words of John Wayne “That’ll be the day!” Through all the pain, dehydration, and heat exhaustion… there were a few highlights. The donuts for brunch at Roxy’s really hit the spot and the ice cream cones in Old Town were refreshing. It wasn’t the healthiest food but we had ridden for 8 hours…we earned it! We meet up with fellow Team WP jersey wearing member Paul who added 30 miles to the effort for a grand combined total of 270 miles by 4 riders!
-Brian L.


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