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Monday, November 28, 2011

Architecture Matters

Bill and I will be presenting. If you would like to join the discussion please follow the link for more info.

-Brian L.

Run to Feed the Hungry 2011

What better way to feel good about the mass quantities of food about to be consumed than to start the day with a run with 27,000 of your neighbors. That's right, 27,000 people showed up on a cold and RAINY thanksgiving day morning to raise money for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, which I believe was around $850,000. Amber and Brian ran the entire 5k... a huge feat considering there was very little training involved. Due to parking troubles... Lauren ended up running a 5k just to get to the race on time, then ran the actual 5k of the race!

27,000+ people... incredible.
Amber and her aunt before the start.

-Brian L.

It's Parade Time!

Everybody sing: "Nobody, no gonna rain on my parade!"
The rain threatened all day but right around parade time the skies cleared, the streets of downtown Roseville started to get crowded just in time to see our annual holiday parade. The event is co-sponsored by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and the City of Roseville. Filled with floats, marching bands, horses and classic cars it is pure Americana and a fun time. Post-parade, activities included outdoor movies, food, performances by local theaters and even a fruitcake toss, all leading up to the tree lighting. The parade is named after a long-time Roseville resident (dare I say icon?) Sylvia Besana, who organized the parade for as long as anyone can remember. When she passed away a few years ago her friends wanted to continue the parade in her honor. I'm sure Sylvia is proud of the legacy she left behind. I have been a judge for 3 years and every year the rain threatens, but it is always clear parade-time. I say with great love that the rain is probably afraid to rain on Sylvia's parade!


Real Men of "Genius"

no word yet on whether any of these 'very smart individuals' are still alive...


Just a few images of the cool new designs at Neocon this year.

- Robi

San Juan H.S. Admin / Media

It’s not every day that we get an “a-ha” moment about what our work can mean to those who live in it. San Juan Admin / Media team members attended a lunch and tour of the newly finished buildings, the tour was led by Clark & Sullivan (contractors). Yummy BBQ first then a walk-through of the space with members of San Juan school board & district officials. Admin building is great, terrific Spartan logo on the floor in stained concrete. Great light.

On to Media to see their newly finished broadcast studio, production room & classrooms. The media teacher and school principal gave us the tour, they are so jazzed with the state-of-the art space with flexibility to grow as technology changes. But most inspiring are the stories of how the students interface with everything, how the teachers are able to teach classes in a way that motivates and empowers the students because they have the right tools. The principal is so proud of the facility and program that she is reaching out to team with the private sector. The goal is that the program benefits from the talent in the workforce and any sponsorship it can bring in to help funding. But the most important goal is to provide work-force ready students who can function in the real world after graduation. This is what Career Technical Education is all about.

It was evident that everyone was inspired today, not only because of what the space has already accomplished but also because of its potential to accomplish more. The a-ha for me: we designed simple, functional, flexible, spaces filled with light. These spaces have inspired the school (principal, teachers, students) to achieve, beyond their expectations. How cool is that?

Congratulations San Juan Admin / Media team, great accomplishment!

- Naaz


We have quite a few parents in the office teaching their children to drive. Just one little thing I have learned over the years... before you adjust your mirrors or find your favorite radio station please figure out which pedal is for gas and which is for the brake.

Greg the Roadie

Greg made the plunge. True Roadie. Still had his since of humor even after some good climbs.

[side note] Greg made the entire ride, all 40+ miles of hill after hill. If he could have caught Terry at any point I'm sure he would have pummeled him for convincing him to do a "nice, easy, and not too hilly" ride. Way to go Greg!... but everyone knows real men only ride with one gear.

Hot Pink 5k

After months of planning and tireless hours spent sending sponsor letters, creating graphics and organizing booth layouts, this year marked the 4th Annual Hot Pink 5K. I had the honor of being a Co-Chair of the event this year. The last three years, the event has started/finished in Historic Old Town Roseville. Last year, we out-grew our space…a nice problem to have. So this year, we made the move to the Fountains and the event got even bigger!! We had over 1,100 runners, hundreds of spectators and raised over $16,000 for the Placer Breast Cancer Endowment. It was a tremendous accomplishment for a run that started out as a small way of supporting breast cancer research. With the success of this year, we have high hopes for next year and big plans to improve on an already successful event.

Kim N.

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