Monday, May 18, 2009

Tricycle Races Part Deux

Thanks to Eric D. for the grub and grilling
Our favorite former graphic designer Tye Brown returned as grand marshal of the event
Eric, Tye, Zach (tye's son and expert tricycle racer) and Jack
Jack with the pedal down
Terry spins out Robi to take the lead and the victory
Andrea, Sarah, and Amber were all smiles before the race

In the finale...Sarah takes on the boys and wins going away!

Eric soaked with a cooler of ice water after finishing last...
It was a great day at the track. For the second straight year WP held it's annual Tricycle races on the famed blacktop of the parking lot. Eric and I fired up the grill for hot dogs and sausage links ready for the eager participants at noon. Tye Brown showed up to Grand Marshal the event direct from the rolling hills of Indiana. We set up a course of little orange cones which turned out to be more for decoration than actual marking of the course. A series of 3 person heats lead to the finale, and what a finale it was. Sarah lined up on the inside of Terry and Paul. She broke late form the line but it didn't matter...Terry and Paul took each other out at the far turn and Sarah accelerated by and took the checkered flag. Way to go Sarah! It was another great 1/2 day Friday activity. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a little fun!
- Eric and Brian


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