Monday, May 4, 2009

May is Here!

I wanted to take a moment to first thank Naaz, Andrea Regina and Paul for volunteering on our somewhat rained out Bike Rally for the City of Roseville. Having a W+P presence like that is noticed and is valued by the City. It is efforts like that that make the City Value us as a Company.
Next, I would like to say Way to go Mark!!!!! After the First weekend W+P is in the Top 10 riders with Mark leading the way and is the first to go triple digits (102 miles logged). Wow!

You should also know that we have challenged the City of Roseville and those losers over at Lionakis. No word yet if Lionakis has the gumption to take us on though!!

Over the weekend a few people kicked it off with a BBQ and beer before logging a few miles. Hope it didn’t come back up on you while riding. Thank you Andrea for hosting what turned out to be another rainout.

This weekend is Tour de Lincoln so all who are riding in it contact Robi and Mark.
- Eric


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