Monday, May 18, 2009

Sierra Adoption Garage Sale

The sale of the century!!!
Cashier Kim
Go deserve a break!
Lots, and Lots, and Lots of clothes
Furniture anyone?

Major kudos to Kim Settle, Amber and Andrea for organizing the Sierra Adoption charity garage sale. While many of us got a good reason to clean out our garages, they did an incredible amount of work to pull this off. They all put in above and beyond to make this successful.

And thanks to Paul and Trish who both came out today too to unload/display/sell/ the 100 degree heat.

And thanks to Tom for bringing out the jumbo pop up tent for some shade.

And thanks to Joe for helping us set up in the morning and letting us borrow his tarps.

And a BIG thanks to Jodie who stuck with us all day and was one heck of a saleswoman!
And thanks to Terry & Linda Green and Brett & family… the LONE W+P folks to come out and BUY something!!!

And finally…..Thanks to everyone who contributed merchandise to our (sierra adoption) garage sale! We couldn’t have raised $1600 without your loot! Please give our sincere thanks to friends, family members and business associates who contributed, or braved the heat to come & shop. It was HARD work (and damn HOT!)…. But overall, we managed to raise over $1600 for the children!!! WOO HOO!!!
- Andrea, Amber and Kim


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