Monday, May 4, 2009

Andrea - expert at caulking, painting and smiling
Brian - dip brush in paint, put paint on wall, repeat 4,000 times

Robert - Used to have 10 fingers...
Tom - "thank goodness I had my tetanus shot"
Mary - Trim Paint Extraordinaire

Amber - Always smiling (and dancing to the songs in her head)

Maggie - learned painting from "The Karate Kid"...wax on, wax off

BBQ lunch (provided) totally hit the spot!

On the verge of needing to be demolished, this house now has new life.

Once 6' tall weeds covered the, beautiful flowers
A very tired crew

On Sat. April 25th, a group of Williams + Paddon employees volunteered for Rebuilding Together. Unlike Habitat for Humanity, that repairs homes throughout the year - Rebuilding Together rebuilds 20 homes in ONE day. The neighborhood affected was Colonial Heights in South Sacramento. We showed up at 8 am - ready to work... and work we did! Robert Wallis & Tom Ventura tackled the front porch: building and roofing it by the end of the day. Amber Seevers, Brian Lefholz, Mary Shelnutt, her daughter Maggie and I all painted the exterior: trim, windows, the garage - you name it! The foreman Ryan and all the other Rebuilding Together volunteers were friendly and very appreciative. Even the owner of the house we were working on was there, giving us thanks. Overall, at the end of the day we could look back and see how much we accomplished. We look forward to the October 3rd Rebuilding Together day!
- Andrea


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