Monday, May 18, 2009

May is Bike Month - Week 2

Well as you prepare for the 2nd annual death ride and recover from the 2nd Annual Trike Races I will leave you this week with the following:
With a valiant effort by Mark Posnick to take over the number one spot Mr. Paddon takes the number one spot with Andrea falling to third for our second full week of rides.
I will say that for the husband wife teams Mark and Robi are leading the pack with the Paddon crew a not so distant second.

What’s that you say? Chris Jaggers is riding for someone else this year? No, say it isn’t true!

Some other spousal teams include
The Navarros
The Williams
The Walshes
The Greens
The Gheorghius….Oh wait that is just Dorel and himself.

Stay tuned for the exciting events coming up this week.


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