Monday, May 18, 2009

Bike Month Competition Heats Up

We all know Mark is competitive. A quiet type by nature but throw a competition and chance of winning into the mix and he comes alive. The following is a word for word message Mark called in, while riding (hence the 'breathing').

Hey Eric it’s mark (breathing)
Hey, I’m riding (breathing) in this morning
I had to run some errands so, (breathing) I’m not in yet
And so, (breathing) I haven’t logged my miles
So (breathing) don’t do the (breathing) summary (breathing) thing for the end of the week
If you could (breathing) till I get there and log in my miles (breathing)
So I can get every (breathing) possible (breathing) mile (breathing) in versus Andrea
Talk to you later :) (breathing) bye.

Funny thing is, while Mark was riding to beat Andrea...Jack leapfrogged the both of them to take over first place.

- Eric D. and Brian L.


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