Monday, May 4, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale...

Total % of weight lost.

Melanie Naga 7.27%
Joseph Kimberlin 6.59%
Anda Grenfell 4.32%
Sarah Treadwell 3.50%
Brian Lefholz .1.49%
Andrea Jaggers 1.30%
Jack Paddon 1.10%
Jodie Day .50%
John Neff .11%

Total Consistent Mover Points

Kim Settle 194 points
Andrea Jaggers 152 points
Jack Paddon 145 points
Brian Lefholz 119 points
Melanie Naga 82 points
Anda Grenfell 73 points
Mary Shelnutt 69 points
Sarah Treadwell 56 points
Robert Wallis 43 points
Schnee Lopez 31 points
Jodie Day 29 points
Joe Kimberlin 17 points

Our second annual Biggest Loser / Most Consistent Mover competition just wrapped. It was 12 weeks of weigh in's and recording exercise points. I must say, the dedication was not quite what it was last year... but I'm happy to say we still managed to lose 52 pounds collectively. CONGRATULATIONS to W+P's Biggest Loser: Melanie Naga (who lost an impressive 15 pounds) to W+P's Most Consistent Mover: Kim Settle (who averaged about 8 hours of exercise every week!) Keep it up everyone... which shouldn't be too hard with Million Mile May craziness upon us! Great work!!


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