Monday, May 18, 2009


Ready to Ride!

Jack and Nancy in flying by...
At the top of Beal's Point. Major kudos to Dianne Williams who climbed the hill on her first ride on her new bike!

Well, I gotta tell ya. I was more than a little honored that Jack named a ride after me. I'm just glad that last year didn't kill me and that I could actually participate this year. The Second Annual Brian Lefholz Memorial Near Death Ride (SABLMNDR) started the same as the last one did...on the hottest day of the year! With temps rising fast into the triple digits we took off down the trail to climb Beals Point first. The group included Crazy Jack Paddon and Nancy, Jim and Diane Williams, Terry, Mark and Robi. It was a fun ride for the short time I was with the group. You see, This year I was smart and headed back early. Jack, well, Jack was Jack and pedaled 100 miles! Really glad I headed back early because knowing me and knowing Jack we would have kept riding until one of us fell off the bike from exhaustion. Not to bad for a 50 something...good job!

-Brian L.


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