Monday, May 11, 2009

Tricycle Races Part Deux

Here are some details for the day:
- The track will be designed by World Class Track Designer B.Lefholzia as a slalom course.
- We are Q’ing Hot Dogs and Sausages. If Brett is lucky I may even Q a veggie dog or 2. These will be free of charge. All you have to do is show up and race. Generosity is abounding but bring your own drinks ‘cause contrary to our generosity, our wallets are not abounding. If you want something other than Dogs or Sausages you can bring it to throw on the BBQ.
- There will be defined races with a bracket to determine who is the 2009 Trike Champ!
- We need some Trikes from your house, Cigi is bringing hers (she has been putting a lot of miles on it recently but unfortunately The May is Bike Month people won’t allow tricycle miles. Please have them here so we can make sure they are operable (more or less).
- We are adding a trial event of Razor Races as well so if you have a Razor bring it on Wednesday too

- Yes Tye is really coming for this event and will be our Grand Marshall.



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