Friday, April 4, 2008

Violator Softball Tonight!!!

As you all know by now the Violator’s Spring season is upon us and our first game is Friday, April 4th @ 7:20pm. I want to thank my fellow 2008 Violators squad as we have an overwhelming turnout this year ( I may actually have to turn some people away for some games!?!) I am looking forward to multi-generational team that we have formed from W+P softball past & future coming together to leave it all out on the field. We have Greg “The Hammer” Tonello coming out of retirement who is proving to us whippersnappers where his nickname came from. We have design extraordinaire, Terry Green, who has mention that he will make an appearance this season and amaze us with his throwing arm. We brought up, “Young-er Brian” Lefholz from our farm team in Arizona, a one man team at pitcher, left field, third base, etc. And lastly, we have recruited some our very enthusiastic interns, Stephanie “Shot Put” Scattini. I have longed for the smell of the grass, the dirty leather gloves, the wise cracks from the peanut gallery and the uplifting cheers from our very own Mama Violator, Mary Shelnut. I only hope she is able to expand her cheering section this year with more that own relatives. Come on out, W+Pers and family its an exciting night of drama and pure competition.


- Coach Will Sandusky


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