Monday, March 31, 2008

Chipotle Tuesday

Tuesday started like any other, each of us doing our own thing to make architecture happen around this place. Then something magical happened. It was 11:56 and the sun was shinning when Mr. Jeff Navarro showed up with 15 custom ordered burrito bricks courtesy of Chipotle. That's right they were free, and nothing tastes better than FREE food. Several groups of burrito connoisseurs huddled around tables and benches to enjoy their 3.4 pound foil wrapped bricks of meat, rice, cheese and beans...the latter ingredient made for an 'eventful' afternoon if you happened to sit next to a Chipotle Tuesday participant. Thanks to Jeff for all his hard work (putting a business card in a fish bowl) and Chipotle for the free grub!

- Brian Lefholz


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