Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Violator's Fall to 1-1

As we gathered for our pre-game warm up we were feeling pretty good about our chances. After all...we were undefeated. As we took the field behind, our star pitcher Matt Rudolph, I couldn't help but notice the lack of electricity in the air. You see, our 6 time gold glove winning short-stop James was unavailable for the game do to illness. But we picked our heads up and did the best we could without his usual constant direction on how to play the game. The infield (Jeff, Elsa, Amber) played an almost perfect game. Jeff was either lucky or good (I'll let you know after the next game), snagging everything that came his way. Amber was a brick wall at second and Elsa made our poor throwing look great at first base. Our outfield had some errors but we rallied back with some clutch hitting in the late innings. We hung in the game until the end but came up 2 runs short, losing 7-5. Thanks to all our groupies who filled the stands in support of our effort.

P.S. - Be sure to wish Greg Tonello a speedy recovery from a pulled hamstring.

-Brian Lefholz


Without being modest, it was your skipper Will Sandusky who totally misplayed a blooper into left field and allow a couple runs to come in. We did have fun that night, getting everyone in for equal playing time. I also want to give a shout out to Stephanie's friend, Haley, who stepped in and made up for the unannounced shortage of players and squeaked out a base hit before the night was over. Thank you for an overall fun night out at Rusch Field.

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