Monday, April 28, 2008

Violators Open A Can on Team Quality!!!

The Page 13 Violators took an early lead on Team Quality Friday night and they never looked back. That’s right, we gave them a wallop with the final score of 14-3. We had near perfect play from everyone in the field and very productive hitting. Team Quality was having a hard time giving us pitches as they walked half our batters, Amber walked twice, Brian was very stingy as he took close to 10 pitches before he walked. Amber gets the PLAY OF THE WEEK!! with her diving stop at second base. She knocked down a line drive, then flicks her glove to Brian in true “talk to the hand” fashion to get the force out at second base. The Violators also rallied with two outs late in the game to make mild lead over Team Quality into a downright smackdown. As we quickly gained two outs in the fifth inning, the hits just started flowing as we went ahead to score 4 runs before ending the inning. With our win, we have taken an unprecedented 3-1 record for the season, never before have played at this level. I want add that W+P should be proud of their Violators. They have been playing with the upmost sportsmanship and competitive spirit and they are truly enjoying the rewards. Stay tuned next week as we take on the Team Harvest next week, Amber’s favorite team.

-Coach Sandusky


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