Monday, April 14, 2008

SRCSD/CSD-1 receives incentives from SMUD

SRCSD/CSD-1 Office & Corporation Yard Earns over $400,000 in Incentives from SMUD

Finally, all the effort put into the SRCSD/CSD-1 project design is paying off – literally. We have recently been informed that the project will be earning over $400,000 in incentives through the SMUD Savings by Design program. The project team applied for, and will be receiving, the following incentives: $80,000+ Owner Incentive, $300,000 PV Incentive, $26,000+ Design Team Incentive, $5,000 Commissioning Incentive and $5,000 LEED Registration Incentive. The SRCSD/CSD-1 project is the first Design Team incentive application exceeding 25% savings vs. Title 24 in SMUD's territory; the energy model for the office building indicates building systems performance ~27% better than Title 24.

Congratulations to the project team!

-Regina Souchek


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