Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gold Country Hike

Last weekend I had the opportunity to introduce Brian and Abbie to the heart of the Gold Country with a hike down into the American River Canyon. Starting at 1,700 feet in Applegate down to an elevation of 700 feet at the North Fork of the American River. This was accomplished on a 2.5 mile abandoned dirt road. At the bottom we encountered some off roaders who attempted to cross the river in their unprepared trucks. Needless to say they got stuck in the middle of a raging river of frigid Sierra snow melt. I wonder how these guys were able to get back to shore………… with a full belly of beer. The hike out was the real workout with a 2 mile side trip to a limekiln on the way out of the canyon.

Look forward to an office organized hike and gathering afterwards at the Green Residence this summer……………..leave the 4 wheelers at home.

-Terry Green


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