Monday, April 7, 2008

“A Little Healthy Competition…”

Here is yet another design opportunity for all of you W+P go-getters! Ample Sample is asking designers to step outside the proverbial box and dream up newer and more unconventional solutions for utilizing carpet samples. What does this mean; well have you ever seen a carpet tile turned into a purse or a picture frame… or perhaps a mosaic layout of the Mona Lisa? With the direction Ample Sample is going with this competition, you just might! Winning designs will be promoted at NeoCon, in Floor Focus Magazine and available as a free download to forward-thinking designers from around the world. Check out more specifics at

Please be advised, a group of us have already entered this contest and, since we kick *ss, it looks like only 2nd place will be available :)
- Amber Seevers


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