Monday, April 7, 2008


(Read in your best Howard Cosell voice...)
As the Page 13 Violators took the field and shook off the jitters, they picked up where they left off last season with the drive to win. The season started against Team Harvest, a team formed by a local Citrus Heights church, full of positive energy. The Violators were first to bat and quickly got on the scoreboard to show that the new wood bats didn’t faze them. Once we took the field, we also took over and held off the churches advances of scoring, with the exception of our second basewoman Amber Seevers who seemed to have scored a phone number of a Harvest base runner who very clearly violated our lead off Violator. Team Harvest returned with their own sound fielding as they snagged multiple well hit balls out of the air and breaking our defenses to put up some runs and capitalize on our errors. However, in true W+P fashion, the Violator’s did not go down into the night, they came up to the plate and hosted a round good hitting led by James Engler, Amber Seevers, Eric Driever, Matt Rudolph, Leah Polcyn, Elsa Gomez and Brian Lefholz. With this great push over the hump to put the us back into the lead for good, the Page 13 Violator’s walked away with 6-5 win over Team Harvest on Friday night. Thank you to the Tonello family and all the W+P family for coming out to support us with another exciting night of Coed Softball. Stay tuned as the Page 13 Violator’s take on the Ball Busters this Friday at 9:20pm.

-Will Sandusky


Wood bats rock! The sound of Spring is the gentle crack of the bat.

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