Monday, April 27, 2009

Outside the Box 2

Linda Green
Terry Green

Title: Landscape Rhythm

Rhythms occur in the environments we live in. We sometimes ignore the beauty in rhythmic patterns that comes from sound, movement & landscapes. The box contains a slice of a familiar rhythm known in California : Mountains, Valley, Mountains, Ocean.

"Outside the Box 2" is an open invitation fundraiser to regional artists and community members. In conjunction with local celebrity participants, "Outside the Box 2" is a celebration of the imagination benefitting PlacerArts. On April 1, 80 boxes returned from their two month transformation to The Arts Building Gallery. The results are a must-see! From now until May 2, we encourage people to visit the boxes and add their bids to the silent auction. On Saturday, May 2, the boxes will come to life through the quick-talking tongue of local, professional live auctioneer Dan Macon. The final hour of silent auction will begin at 7 pm, with the closing price of the silent auction opening the live portion starting promptly at 8 pm. Don’t miss this exciting night at The Arts Building! For more information, visit, or (530) 885-5670.

- Terry


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