Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fool's Day

April Fools came and went without much commotion this year. There were a few attempts at humor...some successful and some, well...thanks for trying.

First, to the individual who tried to prank me by hiding my bike in the interiors library...come one. We're professionals, not 4th graders. I expected more...

Second, A rogue group of three individuals were able to keep James away from his patented green pens for a few hours by hanging them just out of reach.

Third, John Neff attempted to fool the entire office...and would have if his planning had been better. It seems no one could read the "April fools" on the door in the image that went along with the message below. Maybe next year John.

Per 2007 CBC 1115B.6.4 for multiple accommodation toilet facilities, install ADA signage (including Braille) on center of each door to an accessible water closet compartment. Mounting at 60” above finish floor. If door swings out, mounting will be on adjacent toilet partition wall as to not allow Braille reader to be struck if door opens. Additional signage to be mounted directly below this signage similar to Accessible parking signage stating “minimum fine $250” for people caught using stall without disabilities. Don’t know how they plan to enforce this, probably the “parking police” I guess. See diagram below for proper layout.

Finally, I'll end with a blast from April fools past. Naaz's special VIP parking stall.

- Brian L.


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