Monday, April 20, 2009

How I Spent My last Friday Off - Brian

I've lived in Sacramento for almost 2 years now and still have not been to SF to see the sights. So, I took advantage of the last Friday off and heading to "The City" as people call it. The day was beautiful and sunny and the city was in full swing. First thing on the list was MOMA. How disappointing! The building was less than impressive from the outside and that theme continued once inside. I'll spare you the hours it would take deconstructing my thoughts on the building but let's just say it takes the honor of worst art museum I've ever experienced. The art on the other hand was top notch as would be expected. From there it was off to explore the city. I have no idea how I got anywhere but somehow ended up in Little Italy for some delicious pizza. Then it was up, way up, to Telegraph Hill and back down to chill in a little park with the locals. It was a fitting end to the last day of a short lived but much appreciated 4 day work week.

Before - full glass, whole pizza
After - empty glass, no more pizza
-Brian L.


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