Monday, April 13, 2009


On Saturday May 16th I will proudly lead the Second Annual B. Lefholz Memorial Near-Death Ride. By long standing tradition, the SABLMNDR will be advertised as a leisurely ride. And also by tradition, the ride will be officially over when Brian is declared “near-death” from heat exhaustion and muscle fatigue. Brian has been in intensive training for the last several months so it is estimated that this year’s SABLMNDR will be over for Brian somewhere between 80 – 100 miles.

Don’t tell Brian, but for the rest of us, this ride will be a pleasant morning ride. I will plan the route depending on who signs up. I’m thinking we will use Lake Natoma as a base. If we have kids riding with their parents, you can navigate some great sections of the bike trail on the east side of the lake that could be a 2- 10 mile round trip. Some may want to circumnavigate Lake Natoma for 10-12 miles of riding. And the diehards can make a run down to Sunrise and/or up to Beal’s to grab 25-30 miles or so. The May-is- Bike-Month fanatics can get their extra miles in by riding to Lake Natoma from home. We will plan a picnic lunch at the Lake Natoma Aquatic Park. After lunch we could rent kayaks of stand-up-paddle boards if anyone is interested.

- Jack


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