Monday, April 6, 2009

700 miles on a bike...

...ok, a motorcycle but 700 miles none the less!
Jeff’s 50th birthday was on Friday. He decided that he didn’t want any sort of party, just to take a motorcycle trip. We decided to base camp out of his brother’s in Valley Springs. Three nights there and we never saw each other, as he works swing shift and worked all weekend.

Friday the weather was supposed to be windy, so we decided to try to leave early, 8ish, and just see how the day went and not go too far. We ended taking an beautiful road across the ridgeline between Sonora and Columbia. Had a drink in the Saloon in Columbia and decided to head for base camp. Good thing too, after stopping for groceries in Angel’s Camp we hit wind gusts of probably 40-50 mph. Riding on a straight road and tilted at a 20 degree angle to keep on the road at 65 mph was a thrill I could do without.

Saturday’s trip was from base camp to Angel’s Camp for breakfast, then down 49 to Mariposa. On the way down we stopped at Chinese Camp. The site of the first Chinese Tong War in the state was fought here. ( There are still a few old buildings in the town, though not much else. We then went over the summit between Chinese Camp and Coulterville. Absolutely stunning views, especially from the top looking down where you’d just been. We continued through Mariposa, Hornitos, Knights Ferry to base camp.
All in all it was a great weekend of riding. The Sierra foothills are fabulous this time of year. Everything is so green and the wildflowers are a riot of color. We did over 700 miles, ate great food and had a wonderful time.
- Mary


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