Monday, September 22, 2008

Violators Take One in Day/Night Double Header

After our hard loss last week to “Steal Your Base”, I would like to thank two women who stepped in to fill the shoes of our regular Violators. I would like to thank Aerie Sandusky for volunteering and giving her all to fill in during our hard loss last week. Aerie filled in the outfield, only to be picked on by our rivals. She then tried second base and had some success teaming up with Amber to get some crucial outs. I would also like to thank Kim Navarro for joining the team to fill in for the whole season for our recovering first basewoman, Elsa Gomez. Kim has been versatile to switch around from Right Field to Catcher, etc. where ever she’s asked to play.

This week both games ended as nail-biters in the final innings. The Violators reciprocated the score for both games as they each ended with a score of 5-4. The defense picked up where they left off as the full team returned to play, keeping the opposition to five runs or less. It was our hitting that needed the improvements as the Violators could barely generate the runs to overcome the Neighbirds and fell short against Garcia’s. But, that’s what makes it exciting! After the final inning against the Neighbirds, the Violators were tied 4-4 going into extra innings. Our speedy 1st basewoman, Sarah Treadwell, is able to poke a single into left field. Then it was our 3rd baseman, Brian Lefholz, left to start a late rally for the win. He smashed a well hit ball to centerfield for a base hit. At this point the centerfielder mishandles the ball and allows for Sarah to huff it to third base before the ball is thrown in. The infielder then misses the throw allowing Sarah to try for Home! She barrels down the third base line, charging hard at a good 2 MPH yet still beating the throw to home as the catcher then drops the ball. She’s safe… and Violators come away (barely) with an exciting second win of the season with score 5-4.

The second game was more of the same, great defense with little offense, with much of the same result. However, Brian Lefholz switched over to the mound to shake off the rust in his pitching arm. Those third base instincts helped greatly as he snagged numerous ground balls hit close to the mound, single handed ending an inning make all three outs. But, as I said, the bats were lacking. We sent many a fly ball to be caught in the outfield, thus leaving many chances to score standing on the bases. However, we went into the final inning with a score of 5-4 with the Violators on the short end. Our professional batboy, Ryan Culver, beats out an infield hit to start a rally to get us back on top. With two outs, Schnee Lopez hits a hard infield blooper as Ryan hussles to 2nd base to beat out the throw. He slides into the base, seemingly beating the throw. “He’s Out!” was the debatable call from the Ump, who seemed hurry to get the next game going. So we were finished for the night losing to Garcia’s by the score of 5-4.

We’ll see you all next week as we take on Guilty Pleasure!



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