Sunday, September 7, 2008

“That is Why We Live Here”

I was reminded on Sunday of my first response to the idea of moving to the Sacramento area…. It was something along the lines of “hell no.” But I was naive. I’d only travelled along the Highways 80 & 50 to & from Tahoe and as we all know this corridor is not Sacramento at its best. What called this initial response to mind was a near perfect day on Lake Natoma nearly a year and a half after the “hell no” comment. This time my Sac-wise “tour guides” were kayakers and gourmet picnic planners Terry & Linda Green.

Terry had donated a kayaking adventure for two to the W+P retreat raffle back in June and I was the lucky winner. My husband, Ted, was my fortunate “guest.” Terry & Linda arrived at the meeting place with a tandem kayak on the roof, paddles, gloves a picnic basket and know-how. Ted and I arrived with …. sunglasses. We hopped in their truck ready for the adventure and were whisked away to Negro bar where Terry & Linda set us up with all the gear & a few tips. Once in the water, despite thwacking paddles now and then, Ted & I splashed along pretty well. Early on I was glad to see Linda pausing now and then to take in the sites while Terry continued paddling. I followed suit and decided I liked kayaking even more. While I kicked back, Ted’s massive pectorals glistened in the sun as he oared with the strength of 10 Olympians (Ted added that part when he proofed this…)

It was a beautiful day, warm & clear with the city noise drowned out by the sound of the river. After heading up the lake toward Folsom prison (just how far up can you go without being shot?), saying “hello” to the various fishermen, we coasted back down on the current past the large brown rock formations and back under both bridges before beaching the kayaks on a secluded shore for a picnic on dry land. I’m all about good food and I was delighted at the goodies. After refueling we headed back to our starting point, cleaned up and reloaded the gear. As we drove away from our time on the water Ted said “now that is why we live here.”

Thanks Terry & Linda. Thanks W+P.

- Kristi


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