Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Receptionist for a Day

just look at the excitement on jeff's face...

Last week I assumed the role of receptionist for about ½ hour. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that it was very enlightening. While the world did not end and we thankfully did not lose any clients, I did misdirect one call and accidentally whisper “damn” while trying to transfer a call. Some other tasks that I completed were overnight packaging and mail distribution. Some may have heard my vocals on the intercom as well. I wanted to also say that Antoinette was a great trainer and I appreciated her patience. I urge everyone to try the job, to gain a greater appreciation for what it takes to do that job. Especially handle multiple calls at once, argh!!!!!
- Eric D.
Now the real story from Sarah...
Eric D. - Saying “damn it” on the phones, mixing up Jodi and Nora’s calls, Sitting in the chair leaning back with his legs crossed and hands on his head.
Jeffery - Don’t know because I was off that day, check with Antinette...she said he was mediocre at best.
Stu G. – Did well, Got flustered when multiple calls came in and forgot to ask their company and their names ALL the time, sent a call to Jim W and didn’t know who it was (I think Jim got a little mad)
Jason M – After canceling his 1st session, we made him come up 2 days later, first call came and he got scarred back away and said “No No I'm not ready yet”! He had a couple of calls that were for him and just started talking to the people and then when another call would come in he wouldn’t answer it because he was in the middle of a conversation so it rolls over to the PAGS.
Robert Wallis – Got LUCKY only 1 call the whole time he was up here.


Seems like Jim & Jack need a 1/2 hour with the phones/front desk....

That's awesome!! I am really sorry I missed that because that would be a great skill to have if this business school thing doesn't work out.

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