Sunday, September 7, 2008

Design is...

The above bank notes are Dutch, before the introduction of the Euro. I don't think I'm going to far out on a limb by saying they're just a bit more visually stimulating the our greenbacks.
I came across this article on DWR's website about the design of currency around the world. I have to confess, I found the entire article rather depressing. Not because it was poorly written or uninteresting but rather because it made me realize (again) how frustrating it can be to push the envelope of design. In architecture/interiors we are more in tune with this struggle and by the nature of our industry we must care about quality of design...because if we don't, who will? In the same article I found this quote about banknote design...but really about design in general.
When one designs money, especially an official banknote, there are two basic ways you can go:
1. Confine yourself to the (said) abilities of current technologies, following the masses, and find yourself, most of the time, with a result which isn't as you intended;
2. Go to the limits of the current technologies and then cross them to get the result you actually had in mind and be a rebel.
-Brian L.


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